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In this issue: Nazi nukes, warriors’ paradoxes–and a new David Weber interview!
   September 2011
New September eArcs

Himmler Stop the Nazis!

Days after Normandy, Hitler is taken out and Heinrich Himmler assumes control of the Reich. Himmler's first act: supercharge development of a German a-bomb! Compelling alternate history from a World War II master, as a new and terrible battle for the free world is on.

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Honors A Magnificent Fantasy Epic Continues

Jame: wry and plucky last scion of the Kencyrath line, born to battle a world-destroying Lord of Darkness and resuscitate her ancestral heritage. But first she must survive Tentir College, a school for warriors where death stalks the haunted corridors and Jame's every move could be her last.

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September Contest

Intergalactic Idol Casting Underway!

Our September contest rolls on! Send us your futuristic rock anthem lyrics to be judged (and possibly set to music) by Catharine Asaro, multiple Nebula award-winner and author of the music-inspired latest entry in her Skolian Saga, Carnelians.

Contest details here New Content

Map to Early Star Kingdom Treasure

Intercepted: an intriguing burst of historic documents from the Manticoran Star Kingdom’s storied past! You'll find a trove of fascinating and highly entertaining treasure illuminating the Planet Sphinx and environs — all part of the world of Stephanie Harrington, Honor's legendary ancestor, and a young heroine in her own right, in David Weber's newest, A Beautiful Friendship.

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A Beautiful Interview: David Weber on His Latest Creation and More

Want more Weber? We've got it with a new Weber interview on his exciting young adult novel, A Beautiful Friendship. The story is set on Honor Harrington's ancestral homeworld and features an actual Honor ancestor (and her treecat, of course)! The book is sure to be a treat for new readers and long-term Honor fans as well, and David Weber dishes the details on how it all came about.

Read the new David Weber interview here

Get Into A Beautiful Friendship

David Weber's latest, A Beautiful Friendship, is a delight for teen readers—and for adults, too, of course. Teenage ancestor of Honor, Stephanie Harrington, makes first contact with treecats! A wonderful and complete helping of background material for your reading or study group.

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December WebScription Releases

Himmler's War
Robert Conroy

Hitler is gone and Himmler's in charge. Now the allies face a resurgent Germany and the growing likelihood that a German a-bomb is well on its way.

Honor's Paradox - HALF
P. C. Hodgell

Kencyrath scion Jame must survive Tentir warrior's college where death stalks the haunted corridors and Jame's every move could be her last. The Godstalker Chronicles continue.
Galactic Courier - HALF
A. Bertram Chandle

Daring starship captain John Grimes finds his greatest calling as a merchant adventurer and problem solver on the galaxy's frontier. Book III of the legendary John Grimes Saga.
1635: The Eastern Front
Eric Flint

The entrenched rulers of 17th century Europe continue to plot against Grantville, the West Virginia town thrown back in time. The epic struggle for freedom and democracy three centuries early continues as the Ring of Fire saga marches on.
Cobra Guardian: Cobra War Book II
Timothy Zahn

Humanity's deadliest foe, the Troft, are back, and one young genetically-enhanced Cobra warrior must overcome prejudice against his kind and marshal the force to face the enemy once again.
Captain Flandry: Defender of the Terran Empire
Poul Anderson

In the twilight of the Terran Empire, one man exists who can save his empire—and civilization itself—by hook or by crook, whether his so-called betters appreciate his efforts or not. Book V in the Poul Anderson's celebrated Technic Civilization Saga.
The Domination- HALF
S. M. Stirling

Alternate history on an epic scale. The only thing that stands between all-conquering slavers, The Draka and dominion over a dark, bio-manipulated future: a beleaguered United States. Earth's final battle is on. The Draka Trilogy collected in one volume.

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September 2011 Night Shade Bundle

Thomas World
Richard Cox

Thomas thought he was merely going crazy. But when his delusions prove all too real, Thomas is forced to consider that the universe itself may be coming apart at the seams.

Z: Zombie Stories
J. M. Lassen

What to do in world overrun by the living dead? Gathers the hottest zombie tales of the last two decades, from Kelly Link, Jonathan Maberry, Catherynne M. Valente and more.

The Book of Cthulhu
edited by Ross E. Lockhart

Intrepid anthologist Lockhart delves deep into the Cthulhu canon, selecting from myriad mind-wracking tomes twenty-seven sanity-shattering stories of cosmic terror.

The Panama Laugh
Thomas S. Roche

Ex-mercenary Dante Bogart knows he's the one who handed his shady employers the virus that makes the dead rise to devour the living–all to the tune of never-ending maniacal laughter. Now Dante must travel through ground zero of the infection in a desperate bid to cure the laughing sickness that's slaughtering the world.

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Glen Cook Star Empires Bundle

A magnificent collection of masterful far-future space opera and a time travel tale of harrowing insight from the incomparable Glen Cook.

In Cook’s Starfishers trilogy, Dune meets David Weber in three action-filled, haunting novels of a future where a human Confederation clashes with a rapacious humanoid foe, while dragon-like fusion-beings ply the pathways on the edges of empire–and may hold the key to the galaxy’s future. Then an FTL ship crew undergoes a rigorous test of men and tactics as they attempt a stealth passage past an alien blockade in Passage at Arms.

In A Matter of Time, three twisted strands of time overlap in one man’s attempt to prevent a dark and future. And in space opera masterpiece The Dragon Never Sleeps, Cook spins a galaxy-spanning tale of two contending political Houses maneuvering for dominion of the stars.

Get the complete Glen Cook Empires II Compilation here

Sarah A. Hoyt’s Complete Shakespeare Fantasies Bundle

When Will Shakespeares wife and newborn daughter are captured and held in Faery, he and friend Christopher Marlowe set out to rescue them. But you cannot enter that world without being touched by its magic, and when Will returns, he's a changed man–and a transformed playwright. And Lady Silver of Faery is not done with Will and Chris yet. Far from it. For those who are brushed by her power can always expect adventure and strange fortune to find them.

For the first time ever, all Sarah A. Hoyt's daring and delightful Shakespeare Fantasies collected together in one volume–plus Hoyt's short story collection Wings with a cornucopia of fantasy and SF excellence. The entire compilation includes Ill Met by Moonlight, All Night Awake (as well as its author's cut, the All Night Awake Original Version), Any Man So Daring, and Wings.

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