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In this issue: rogue justice, a new David Drake series—and your ticket to becoming the next Intergalactic Idol!
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New David Drake Collaborative Series Debuts

An untested young colonial hero-in-the-making ventures into the intergalactic wilderness to drive off an incursion by corrupt Earth-based Terrans. Plus, Drake co-author John Lambshead, a marine biologist at London’s Natural History Museum, helps serve up some very cool (and highly plausible) alien environments that are ripe for adventure!

Check out John Lambshead's essay on the science of Into the Hinterlands here.

Get Into the Hinterlands by David Drake and John Lambshead, now.

Rogue Justice, Williamson Style

Problem: a sociopathic tactical forces specialist gone rogue with planet-killing tech at his fingertips and the will to use it. Solution: the commanding officer who trained him, a man who must reawaken the beast within himself to save a world.

Get Rogue now.

And be sure to check out “The Brute Force Method,” free fiction from Michael Z. Williamson here.

September Contest

Be the Next Intergalactic Idol

To celebrate the upcoming release of Carnelians, the latest entry in multiple-award-winning Catherine Asaro’s Ruby Dice series, we invite you to write a set of lyrics for a rock song half the galaxy might be humming! Give us lyrics for that futuristic anthem, rock ballad, or novelty hit you've always wanted to set down and win free ebooks–plus, Catherine Asaro may record your song for the eons!

Details on the Carnelians Intergalactic Idol Contest here.

September Releases

Into the Hinterlands
David Drake & John Lambshead

A young colonial ventures into the intergalactic wilderness of to drive off an incursion by corrupt Terrans. A new series begins!

Michael Z. Williamson

A mercenary commander must track down and eliminate a sociopath with the knowledge and firepower to take out entire tactical teams–a sociopath the commander trained himself.

The Crystal Variation
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Three Liaden Universe® origin novels collected for the first time. Includes Crystal Soldier, Crystal Dragon and Balance of Trade. The epic space adventure of Clan Korval begins.

Countdown: M Day
Tom Kratman

Modern day military adventure as deadly efficient Colonel Wes Stauer commands a crack outfit of former Army comrades to pull off a difficult mission with customary gritty competence. But to survive, Stauer must harness and direct the brute within himself.

Young Flandry
Poul Anderson

In the twilight of galactic empire, one man stands against a fall into a new dark age: Dominic Flandry, agent of the Terran Empire. Three full-length Flandry novels together for the first time from SF legend Poul Anderson.

Patrick A. Vanner

Earths reels from brutal alien attack. Now, for one battle-seasoned starship captain and her gutsy Marine commander, the fight for Earth’s freedom is on.
Coming in October

A Beautiful Friendship
David Weber

A dazzling first entry in a David Weber Honorverse teen series as young Stephanie Harrington (Honor’s ancestor) makes first contact with a new alien species: treecats.
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