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In this issue: magic, gun, and space rescues—plus a new reader’s guide to an all-time David Weber classic!
   August 2011
New August eArcs

Hinterlands The Grimnoir Chronicles Return

Dark fantasy goes hardboiled in #2 of the hard-hitting Grimnoir Chronicles by the New York Times best-selling creator of Monster Hunter International. When a magical assassin makes an attempt on the life of FDR, the crime is pinned on the Grimnoir. Grimnoir knight and P.I. Jake Sullivan must hunt down the real assassin before time runs out.

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M Day Son of the Rebellion, Arise

Earth: the alien conquerors are thrown off and a new generation is born to freedom. Easy to think the heavy lifting is over. Easy–and fatal. New peril looms, and the son of a rebel commander must find his own hero within, or else his father’s sacrifice, and Earth’s moment of liberty, is about to crumble to interstellar dust.

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Ferry Disaster in Space

Star system coast guards get short-shrift in space opera. Sure, you’re basically an interplanetary traffic cop, but disasters will happen–and, in space, any accident can get really bad, really fast. Michael Z. Williamson serves up a gritty tale of working class heroes set in his Freehold universe, joining recent entries including Do Unto Others and upcoming Rogue.

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Mapping History to SF

Creating analogs for historical events can be a lot of fun, but for a writer, it creates challenges and possible pitfalls galore. Here’s the scoop on how David Drake and John Lambshead pulled off mapping some stunning events in colonial America to a cool future world in their new novel, Into the Hinterlands.

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Guide to an Honorverse Classic

This month we debut an in-depth look at the Honor Harrington novel that started it all: On Basilisk Station. Here’s a teacher’s guide by Felecia McDuffie, PhD, that’s also a great outline and reintroduction for all Honorverse fans. And don’t forget David Weber’s new forthcoming teen adventure featuring Honor ancestor Stephanie Harrington in A Beautiful Friendship.

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September WebScription Releases

Spellbound: Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles - HALF
Larry Correia

A magical assassin attempts to kill FDR, and the crime is pinned on the Grimnoir Society. Now card-carrying Grimnoir and P.I. Jake Sullivan must hunt down the real assassin before time runs out. Book Two in the Grimnoir Chronicles.
Wolf Among the Stars - HALF
Steve White

The son of heroes of Earth’s rebellion against alien domination must rise to a new challenge and foil a plot to bring the known galaxy under totalitarian alien control. Sequel to Eagle Against the Stars.
Moonsinger's Quest - HALF
Andre Norton

In a far future galaxy, a mistreated young orphan discovers his origins as the last of the Faery Folk. Contains Flight to Yiktor and Dare to Go A-Hunting, concluding legendary, best-selling storyteller Andre Norton’s epic Moonsinger series in one volume.
John Ringo

Humans push back against a galactic empire bent on Earth subjugation and ultimate destruction. Book Two of the NY Times Bestselling Troy Rising saga.
Eric Flint

A cornucopia of hard-hitting and insightful adventures for fans of New York Times bestseller Eric Flint. Includes stories and two short novels from the Ring of Fire saga, and three other Flint series, all introduced by Flint.
Mouse and Dragon
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Nefarious forces are determined that a new line of heirs to the powerful space-trading Clan Korval be destroyed. Now one heroine–an outsider in a love match with the clan leader–is determined to protect her family at all costs!
The Power of Illusion
Christopher Anvil
Eric Flint, ed

Tales from a master of sardonically humorous science fiction adventure. Includes Anvil’s brilliant and wry speculative novel, The Day the Machines Stopped.
The Fire Rose- HALF
Mercedes Lackey

A medieval scholar discovers that a mysterious employer’s interest in ancient spells read in the original language is anything but academic–for a terrible secret lies on the other side of the tube through which the scholar whispers her incantations.
August 2011 Night Shade Bundle

Southern Gods
John Hornor Jacobs

A P.I. on a mission to the Mississippi Delta country searches for a legendary bluesman only to uncover forces more malevolent than deals with the Devil, and in the process unleashes mortal reckonings more dangerous than hell itself.

The Whitefire Crossing
Courtney Schafer

A powerful young apprentice on the run from his dark overlord teams with a smuggler to cross a magic border zone—and in the process ignites a titanic struggle that threatens two realms with destruction.

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Glen Cook Bundle

A Cruel Wind
Epic political fantasy in a gritty land of swords and blood. The first three Dread Empire novels collected, including A Shadow of All Night's Falling, October's Baby and All Darkness Met.

A Fortress in Shadow
In the fallen ashes of a desert civilization, a warrior arises who vows to unite a world of warring tribe and forge an empire. Collects Dread Empire prequels The Fire in His Hands and With Mercy Towards None.

An Empire Unacquainted with Defeat
Collects Glen Cook's short fiction set in the vast world of the Dread Empire, from "The Nights of Dreadful Silence," featuring the first appearance of Bragi Ragnarson, Mocker, and Haroun bin Yousif to "Hell's Forge," a haunting tale of cursed pirates and strange lands, appearing here for the first time. Also includes a detailed introduction and extensive story notes by Cook.

An intricate and wondrous epic fantasy saga of feudal guilds and wooden spaceships played out in a universe close the end of all things. Collects Darkwar Chronicle novels Doomstalker, Warlock, and Ceremony in one volume.

Sung in Blood
Heroic fantasy with an Asian flavor, as the son of a legendary wizard and ruler confronts the plot that led to his father’s magical assassination. A stand-alone Glen Cook epic.

The Swordbearer
A young boy's dreams of glory and war turn to bitter nightmare as his father's kingdom is overrun by invaders. When he discovers an ancient sword that promises him the ability to claim his vengeance, he comes to realize the price that the sword will demand of him.

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