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In this issue: magic flares, brains flame, and two coauthors grill—each other!
   May 2011
Bullets, Spells, Space Operas-and a New May Contest

Spells and Bullets Fly in Detroit

Check out original “Detroit Christmas,” a story from Monster Hunter creator Larry Correia set in the gritty noir-magic world of his new Grimnoir Chronicles series. Corriea’s Hard Magic appears this month!

Read "Detroit Christmas" here.

White and Gannon Go Extremis

Steve White and Chuck Gannon grill each other mercilessly (but with good humor) on their new Starfire saga collaboration, Extremis, and what it takes to continue a space-warfare SF series that has seen such bestselling masterworks as In Death Ground and The Shiva Option.

Check out the White & Gannon Q&A here.

Brains Aflame!

Forget all that new-age “consciousness” mush. Baen’s Tony Daniel puts the science in science fiction with a cool look into real, cutting-edge neuroscience in a brain-splashing interview with topnotch, hands-on brain imaging researcher, Dr. Michael Devous.

Read more here.

Space Opera Bravo!

Okay, think space opera only: Weber, Ringo, Drake, Bujold, Card, Heinlein, your favorite SF writer. World-building. Action. Characters. Best of the best? Make your case and win five free eBooks!

Click here for more information.

May Books

The Hot Gate
John Ringo

Humanity strikes back after rising from devastation! The third entry in the best-selling Troy Rising saga from inimitable military SF master, John Ringo.

Steve White & Charles E. Gannon

A hard-bitten and brilliant admiral faces down alien attack while attempting to communicate with an implacable species. The Starfire saga continues!
Hard Magic
Larry Correia

In a gritty world of spells, bullets and intrigue, one private eye battles wiseguy gangs and magic-users who have decided that he is far too dangerous to live. Book 1 in the Grimnoir Chronicles by the creator of Monster Hunter International!
Korval’s Game
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

The leader of aristocratic Clan Korval confronts a nefarious plot to blast his family, friends and lovers to the far reaches of the stars. Liaden Universe® novels Plan B and I Dare together in one volume!
The Lotus Eaters
Tom Kratman

Carerra rises again—and totalitarian Earth is in his crosshairs! The gritty follow-up to Carnifex and an amazing new chapter in Tom Kratman’s relentlessly hard-hitting series.
The Green Hills of Earth/The Menace from Earth
Robert A. Heinlein

Timeless tales of grit and daring—all a day in the life of the pioneers who take humanity to the stars! SF grandmaster Robert A. Heinlein’s strongest novellas collected in one mighty volume.
Rx for Chaos
Christopher Anvil
Edited by Eric Flint

Straight-line human progress? Forget it. The path to the future is a zigzag! A sparkling collection of wry and witty tomorrows by hard-SF legend Christopher Anvil.

June Nonfiction

Alien Invasion: How to Defend Earth
Travis S. Taylor and Bob Boan

The ultimate survival guide for the ultimate attack—from two top scientists who know their subject inside and out.
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May 18
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Mark Van Name

May 27
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Eric Flint
Michael Z. Williamson

May 27
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Michael Z. Williamson

June 3
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Toni Weisskopf

June 3
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