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In this issue: eARCs by Eric Flint and Robert Buettner, and new Free Library books
   April 2011
Out of the Waters Ring of Fire III-eARC by Eric Flint

Rock on, Renaissance! A cosmic accident sets the modern West Virginia town of Grantville down in war-torn seventeenth century Europe. It will take all the gumption of the resourceful, freedom-loving up-timers to find a way to flourish in mad and bloody end of medieval times. Are they up for it? You bet they are. The third rollicking and idea-packed collection of Grantville tales edited by Eric Flint, and inspired by his now-legendary 1632.

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Out of the Waters Undercurrents-eARC by Robert Buettner

Second in the hard-hitting military science fiction Orphan's Legacy series. Ace intelligence operative Lt. Jazen Parker parachutes into a giant habitat known as Paleozoic on a mission to bring down the local politicos. He quickly realizes he's been handed a near-impossible task. Paleozoic is a politically quarantined nightmare world with a culture confined to iron rivet technology and a ruling regime a bit to the right of Heinrich Himmler. Jazen's inclined to abandon this particular hellhole to its ways—that is, until he uncovers a plot afoot that will throw a five hundred-planet alliance into the death-throes of anarchy.

So the local Nazis must go. Unfortunately, all Jazen's got to work with is a handful of rust-bucket tanks, a retread rebellion, and two strong, beautiful women who love him, but think he's tilting at windmills and is about to get himself killed. What they don't know is, once committed, Jazen Parker is the best there is when it comes to getting the dirty job done on the ground. It's the local bullies who are about to be taught a lesson in losing.

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New additions to the Baen Free Library: Free Short Stories, Free Nonfiction, and Reading Guides

In January of 2011 we started posting free short stories and nonfiction we thought might be of interest to Baen readers at the home page at The first stories were "Space Hero" by Patrick Lundrigan, the winner of the 2010 Jim Baen Memorial Short Story Contest, and "Tanya, Princess of Elves," by Larry Correia, author of Monster Hunter International and set in that universe. The first article was "The Size of it All" by Les Johnson, a Baen author and space scientist, the second, musings on Farmer in the Sky and Jupiter by scientist and author Gregory Benford. As new fiction and nonfiction is made available, it will be posted on the main page, then added to books in the Baen Free Library, one for fiction, one for nonfiction. And we’ll be gathering the free Teachers and Reading Guides in their own book, too. As is usual with such copyrighted material from Baen, the contents may be copied and shared but NOT sold. All commercial rights are reserved to Baen Books.

This month we added "The Amazon's Left Breast" by Tom Kratman to the Free Short Stories 2011 volume at the Baen Free Library and "Terraforming Ganymede with Robert A. Heinlein" by Gregory Benford to the Free Nonfiction 2011 volume at the Baen Free Library.

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New July 2011 WebScription Releases

Ring of Fire III - HALF
Eric FLint

The Best Selling Alternate History Series Continues. Another close-up look at life in Grantville.
Undercurrents - HALF
Robert Buettner

Book Two in New Space Adventure Series.
Loose Cannon - HALF
David Drake

Grandmaster of Military Science Fiction. Two Techno-thriller Novels in One Volume.
Janissaries - HALF
Jerry Pournelle

Reluctantly volunteering for a dangerous mission, Captain Rick Galloway and his men are cut off in hostile territory when the CIA pulls out their support, an event that is further complicated when an alien spaceship arrives.
Mission of Honor
David Weber

A New York Times Best-Selling Hardcover. First Time in Paperback. Honor Harrington returns in a Powerhouse Novel.
Sharon Lee and Steve Miller

Twelfth in a Breakthrough Space Opera Series with a Huge and Active Fan Base.
Children No More
Mark L. Van Name

A Nanotechnology-Enhanced Space Warrior Must Save an Army of Innocent Children.
1635: The Tangled Web
Virginia DeMarce

The Follow-Up to New York Times Best Seller, 1634: The Bavarian Crisis. The Number One Best-Selling Alternate History Series.

April 2011 Night Shade eBooks

Soft Apocalypse
Will McIntosh

What happens when resources become scarce and society starts to crumble? As the competition for resources pulls America's previously stable society apart, the "New Normal" is a Soft Apocalypse. This is how our world ends; with a whimper instead of a bang.

New social structures and tribal connections spring up across America, as the previous social structures begin to dissolve. Soft Apocalypse follows the journey across the Southeast of a tribe of formerly middle-class Americans as they struggle to find a place for themselves and their children in a new, dangerous world that still carries the ghostly echoes of their previous lives.

The Winds of Khalakovo
Bradley P. Beaulieu

Among inhospitable and unforgiving seas stands Khalakovo, a mountainous archipelago of seven islands, its prominent eyrie stretching a thousand feet into the sky. Serviced by windships bearing goods and dignitaries, Khalakovo's eyrie stands at the crossroads of world trade. But all is not well in Khalakovo. Conflict has erupted between the ruling Landed, the indigenous Aramahn, and the fanatical Maharraht, and a wasting disease has grown rampant over the past decade. Now, Khalakovo is to play host to the Nine Dukes, a meeting which will weigh heavily upon Khalakovo's future.

When an elemental spirit attacks an incoming windship, murdering the Grand Duke and his retinue, Prince Nikandr, heir to the scepter of Khalakovo, is tasked with finding the child prodigy believed to be behind the summoning. However, Nikandr discovers that the boy is an autistic savant who may hold the key to lifting the blight that has been sweeping the islands. Can the Dukes, thirsty for revenge, be held at bay? Can Khalakovo be saved? The elusive answer drifts upon the Winds of Khalakovo...

Frederik Pohl, Galactic Gatekeeper!

Frederik Pohl Bundle Volume I

Volume I of two compelling volumes of the best of Frederik Pohl. Here you'll find the complete Heechee saga and Gateway series–novels and tales of an advanced alien technology and what humanity did to itself and the universe when we discovered this portal to the stars. Also included are four stand-alone novels of sparkling wit and wonder-inducing SF, including masterpiece JEM, and topped off by The Way the Future Was, Pohl's amazing memoir of his early years in science fiction!

For the next two months, Volume I of the Best of Frederick Pohl will go for $40. Then the e-volume dissolves and we offer the individual e-book titles for $5 each.

The bundled volume includes:

Heechee Rendezvous

The Gateway Trip

The Annals of the Heechee


Black Star Rising


Drunkard's Walk

The Demon in the Skull

The Best of Frederik Pohl

The Way the Future Was

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