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In this issue: a veteran rises to the occasion, fantasy with a military twist, a lost art rediscovered, and a PI with a nose for stolen cars. All that plus a new story set in Sharon Lee’s popular Archers Beach universe!
   December 2014

book cover Duty Calls!

War is coming to the Cutter Stream colonies. A war that the colonists must win. Allen Allenson has known war, and has hated it. But it is this very experience that makes him the only man fit to lead the colonial army. Faced with the choice to roll over or fight, Allenson takes up the general's mantle.

Because the one thing Allenson won’t do is quit.

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Epic Fantasy! Epic Battles! Epic Heroes!

It is in the battles of epic fantasy and sword and sorcery where heroism comes alive, magic is unleashed, and legends are made and unmade. Here are stories on the military side of high fantasy, featuring beautifully crafted worlds filled with magic and mayhem.

All new stories of heroes engaged in epic battle from the top names in the genre including, Elizabeth Moon, Tobias Buckell & David Klecha, Jonathan Maberry, and many more.

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Book Cover
New Fiction and Nonfiction at

Science Never Settled At Home in the Land

For Moss, home is his father’s pack slung across his back and an empty stretch of highway. Kicked out of the house at sixteen, he’s hitching cross country to the Atlantic Ocean to keep a promise he made a long time ago. But when he arrives in the seaside town of Archers Beach, Maine, he finds not only a job and a surrogate family, but much more than he ever imagined in this all-new story set in the world of Sharon Lee's upcoming Carousel Seas.

Read “The night don’t seem so lonely” now.

On the Trail of a Shapeshifter

When Justis Fearsson’s job as a private investigator leads to a job tracking down the person or persons responsible for stealing cars off of Mitch Sullivan’s lot, he thinks it’ll be fast and easy money. Just the thing he needs right now. Because Christmas is coming up, but what’s more, so is the full moon. And Fearsson isn’t just an ordinary gumshoe—he’s a weremyste, and that means the full moon brings trouble in the form of a night of insanity. But the job turns out to be trickier than he thought. Now he’s in a race against time and hopelessly outnumbered by a gang of car thieves with a very dark secret.

All new fiction from award winning author David B. Coe, and set in the world of upcoming Spell Blind.

Read “Long Nights Moon” here.

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book cover

Rediscovering a Lost Art

If you’ve marveled at the maps in some of our books, chances are you’ve seen the work of Randy Asplund. But Randy isn’t just a mapmaker extraordinaire; he’s also a gifted artist and an expert on Medieval bookmaking. In this month’s nonfiction, he walks us through his growing passion for discovering lost bookmaking processes and his growth as a “Medieval Artist in the 21st Century.

Read “A Medieval Artist in the 21st Century” here.

Deck the Walls with Splattered Bodies!

A Baen Free Radio Hour Audio Drama Christmas Special

So you've been good and haven't deep-sixed anybody who didn't deserve it this year? Baen Books has a present for you: a lushly produced adaptation of Larry Corriea's "Detroit Christmas," set in the world of the Grimnoir Chronicles and featuring a full cast of fifteen actors, movie quality sound effects, and an original musical score! "Detroit Christmas" will be posted complete—and absolutely free— on Christmas Eve day as a Baen Free Radio Hour podcast. Check out on the Baen Free Radio Hour, and be prepared for the clip-clop-clip-clop-bang-bang-bang of little reindeer tommy guns bringing you Christmas cheer—and a great hardboiled story filled with mystery, mayhem and magic. Posting at noon on December 24, here!

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Asaro, Lee, and Spoor—and Much More!

The Baen Free Radio Hour is the gift that keeps on giving the whole year ‘round! With new episodes every Friday and access to our archive, there’s plenty of science fiction and fantasy goodness to last you through the holidays and make for a happy new year! Coming up: discussions with Catherine Asaro, Ryk E. Spoor, Sharon Lee, and more! Plus the audio drama adaptation of Larry Correia's "Detroit Chrismas"!

New podcast every Friday at noon, or download any time here.

The Honor Harrington Comic is Now Available!

David Weber’s best-selling Honor Harrington can now be found in a gaming app for Apple and Android devices! Find out more here. And don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Tales of Honor, the Honor Harrington comic. Click here to download a free preview of the first issue.

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March Baen Ebook Releases

Into the Maelstrom
David Drake
John Lambshead

War is coming to the Cutter Stream colonies. A war that the colonists must win. Faced with the choice to roll over or fight, unlikely leader Allen Allenson takes up the mantle of General.

Mother of Demons
Eric Flint

A crumbling alien civilization fights to stave off a final fall into barbarism, and human explorers must chose: will they help, or standby and let a once high civilization fall. New York Times best seller Eric Flint’s first novel!

Operation Arcana
Ed. by John Joseph Adams

All new stories of heroes engaged in epic battle from the top names in the genre including, Elizabeth Moon, Tobias Buckell & David Klecha, Jonathan Maberry, and many more.

Mars, Inc.
Ben Bova

How do you get to the Red Planet? With a helping of adventure, science, corporate power plays—and money, money, money!

Monster Hunter Nemesis
Larry Correia

The director of top secret project Nemesis is about to find out that it’s best to stay on a monster’s good side. Particularly if that monster happens to be an undying killing machine made from a powerful alchemical substance and inhabited by a spirit more ancient than humanity itself.

The Fallible Fiend
L. Sprague de Camp

He looked like a cross between a dragon and a catfish, and he could bend iron bars into pretzels with a flick of his hand. But what Zdim the mild-mannered demon really was, was a scholar of logic and philosophy.

The Undesired Princess
L. Sprague de Camp

Rollin Hobart thought he was a logical, sensible man—until he was transported to a world that was perfectly logical but not sensible in the least.

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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on February 15, 2015. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Ron Miller

A Company of Heroes Bundle

A combination of “The Prisoner of Zenda,” Jules Verne and Grimm’s Fairy Tales, A Company of Heroes is a steam punk fantasy-adventure on an epic scale. Includes The Stonecutter, The Fabulist, The Princess, The Scientist, and The Space Cadet.

Get the discount bundle here

Wordfire Press

Kevin J. Anderson
Doug Beason

A gripping tale of survival in space from the Nebula-nominated authors of Assemblers of Infinity. Three space stations and a moonbase are stranded after a war on Earth cuts off all supply lines. Separated by great distances, as well as ruthless politics, the outcasts have to find a way to survive as their life-support dwindles.

Strong Arm Tactics
Jody Lynn Nye

The first Wolfe Pack novel by New York Times bestselling author Jody Lynn Nye. An auxiliary scout platoon of outsiders and oddballs get sent on what ought to be a simple courier mission to the greatest amusement park in the Galaxy, and end up defending the population from a ruthless enemy. Afterword by John Ringo.

Five by Five 3: Target Zone

Five all-new military-SF novellas by Sarah A. Hoyt, Michael A. Stackpole, Kevin J. Anderson, Dani and Eytan Kollin, and Doug Dandridge! Big guns and bigger enemies, with battles from the depths of the oceans to the farthest reaches of space.

A Thorn in the Bush
Frank Herbert

A never-before-published short novel by Frank Herbert, author of Dune. An expatriate American woman tried to hide from her secrets in a small Mexican village, a place where no one knows of her shadowy past life, until an ambitious American painter takes up residence, attempting to depict—and expose—everything about the sleepy Mexican town. But he may have underestimated the lengths a seemingly harmless old woman will go to protect her secrets.

A Circle of Celebrations
Jody Lynn Nye

Eight never-before-collected science fiction and fantasy stories, all centered around the holidays.

Preserve and Protect
Alan Drury

The United States is thrown into chaos as the President is killed in a plane crash. As suspicions are cast upon the circumstances of the crash, the incumbent party quickly convenes to nominate a candidate in a storm of domestic and international chaos. Part of the “Advise and Consent” series.

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