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In this issue: Honor rises, Cobras strike, awesome bundles–plus, why intelligent aliens are never going to text us back.
   December 2011
New December eARC and Special Bundle

A Rising Thunder Battle Thunder Rolls

After a brutal attack on the Manticoran home system, Honor Harrington and the Star Kingdom she serves battle back against a new, technologically powerful, and utterly nefarious enemy, the Mesan Alignment. International bestseller David Weber’s newest entry in the legendary Honor Harrington saga.

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Schlock Mercenary Bundle Schlock Mercenary Comic Ebooks Debut

Schlock Mercenary by Howard Tayler is epic science fiction being told four panels at a time. And here, for the first time, the complete print editions are available in an electronic format!

To celebrate the event, Baen will be offering all four titles of the web comic books in a discount bundle for only $45—a savings of $5! Offer expires February 14, 2012, so buy early and buy often. A great gift for the John Ringo fan who has everything (remember, these were the inspiration for the award-winning, New York Times bestselling Troy Rising series).

This bundle includes four art intensive PDF only comics: Tub of Happiness, Teraport Wars, Under New Management, and The Blackness Between.

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A New Cobra War Begins

Alien attack from the sky! It seems an age-old enemy and special nemesis of humanity’s technologically enhanced Cobra warriors has returned–with destructive vengeance and a clever new plan. A hard-hitting tale set in the Cobra Wars series by New York Times best seller Timothy Zahn, author of Cobra Gamble.

Read December’s free fiction “Pawn to King Four” here

Pawn to King Four

It's Lonely Out There
A Biologist Takes on the Fermi Paradox

If the universe is teeming with the possibility of life, where are the intelligent aliens? Biologist John Lambshead, coauthor of David Drake of Into the Hinterlands, examines the reasons we may not be hearing from anyone out there soon. Or, perhaps, ever.

Read December’s free non-fiction “It’s Lonely Out There–The Evolutionary Explanation For The Fermi Paradox” here

Meet Baen Books Associate Editor Laura Haywood-Cory

A question and answer session with Associate Editor Laura Haywood-Cory, who keeps Baen Books ticking–and helps bring you the authors and stories you love.

Read Interview here

Laura Haywood-Cory

March WebScription Releases

A Rising Thunder - HALF
David Weber

After a brutal attack on the Manticoran home system, Honor Harrington and the Star Kingdom she serves battle back against a new, technologically powerful, and utterly nefarious enemy.

The Star Beast - HALF
Robert A. Heinlein

Huge star beast Lummox has been the pet of John Stuart’s family, but now the authorities want him carted away. Young John isn’t about to let anyone deport his friend—even if it takes leaving his old life behind forever.
The Forerunner Factor - HALF
Andre Norton

A heroic young woman seeks her origins as she comes of age on worlds touched by an ancient species seeking to claw its way back into existence. Two legendary Forerunner novels, Forerunner and Forerunner: The Second Venture in one volume
The Amazon Legion
Tom Kratman

With male soldiers lured away, the planet Terra Nova raises a tough and gritty home-guard of women warriors to repel an invasion by Earth’s totalitarian baddies. A new chapter in the hard-hitting Carrera series.
Robert Buettner

When Jazen Parker hires on to a tycoon's safari to bag a deadly trophy, the reluctant mercenary finds himself consigned to an outpost at the end of the universe. Now Jazen must survive an enormous alien beast–and his own violent past come back to haunt him.
Sir Dominic Flandry: The Last Knight of Terra
Poul Anderson

In the twilight of the Terran Empire, one secret agent stands ready with the grit and wits to save a corrupt empire by hook or by crook. Two novels and four novellas collected for the first time in volume six of SF legend Poul Anderson’s Technic Civilization science fiction epic.
Bedlam's Bard - HALF
Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon

Musician Eric Banyon wants a carefree life of busking for a living in modern day America. But when he accidentally awakens an elf lord and sparks a magical power struggle, Banyon discovers that he must reawaken the latent bard within himself. Contains the novels Knights of Ghosts and Shadows and Summoned to Tourney.
December 2011 Night Shade Bundle

An Ill Fate Marshaling
Glen Cook

King Bragi Ragnarson decides to join a coup against the Dread Empire. The king's wizard attempts to dissuade Ragnarson from this chosen path, but the drumbeat of war wins out. Now the king’s spymaster and wizard must keep their monarch from leading his people to destruction, and perhaps save his kingdom in the process.

The Miscellaneous Writings of Clark Ashton Smith
Clark Ashton Smith

The miscellaneous writings of fantasy writer extraordinaire Clark Ashton Smith, a contemporary of Lovecraft and an influence on a generation. A definitive set of texts by a master of the weird tale.

Of Limited Loyalty
Michael Stackpole

1767. The Crown Colonies have prospered, but in the unsettled West lurks a menace which the Twilight People know only from folklore. Faced with an inhuman foe, Prince Vlad must unite the Colonies in a common cause, or preside over their complete destruction. Magnificent alternate history fantasy series The Crown Colonies continues.

The Emperor’s Knife
Mazarkis Williams

There is a cancer at the heart of the mighty Cerani Empire: a plague that enslaves its victims to the evil Pattern Master. Now only three people stand in his way: a lost prince, a world-weary killer, and a young girl from the steppes who saw a path in a pattern once, among the waving grasses–a path that just might save them all.

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Charles Sheffield, Proteus and Beyond

The strange, and highly plausible, future worlds of Charles Sheffield, scientist and rigorous SF craftsman, collected together in a protean mega-volume of great science fiction adventure. Travel to a future where it’s possible to order up any form you wish to inhabit. But will the form reshape the content, and all humanity, in the process? And who will be in charge of the format mechanism itself? Plus, experience the ruin of humankind by nuclear war and the discovery of a new stardrive in two early Sheffield novels that display all the promise and power of a legend in the making. The Sheffield Proteus and Beyond Bundle includes: Sight of Proteus, Proteus Unbound, Proteus in the Underworld, Trader's World, and Godspeed.

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Don’t forget to check out the Baen new book releases. And for upcoming appearances by Baen authors and editors, check here. And remember, Alternate History Christmas Carol Contest is going strong until December 25, ho, ho, ho. Check it out here.

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