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In this issue: a band of survivors struggle to make a home on a hostile world, a shadow warrior descends to hell and back, and a young boy discovers danger and adventure in his own back yard. All that plus new fiction from Ryk E. Spoor set in the world of Paradigms Lost.
   November 2014

book cover Shipwrecked on a Hostile Alien World!

Set adrift on a crippled lifeboat among a sea of stars, a small band of survivors manages to beat the odds and find a habitable planet on which to land. But this strange new world holds a thousand secrets and a thousand deceptions—any one of which might prove deadly. With only each other to lean on, they must avoid the perils of this alien world and build a new life from the wreckage of the old. A new entry in the Boundary series.

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Adventure and Wonder in WWII-era Texas!

A secret path through an ancient oak, a heartless dog-shooting neighbor, a storm culvert that may lead directly into a secret Nazi plot. Such are the adventures that await Charlie Hardin, young denizen of WWII-era Austin. Turned loose into the Texas summer, Charlie knows that when danger comes calling, the only thing that counts is to be brave, clever—and sometimes a little bit nuts.

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Book Cover

book cover
Cobras Battle One of Their Own!

Cobras: technologically enhanced human warriors designed to combat an implacable alien menace known as the Trofts. With war between Cobra factions brewing, Cobra Jason Broom poses as a slave on a Troft prison planet. He seeks information on Troft factions—information that may save the Cobra worlds, and head off a massive interstellar war. Now the stage is set for adventure, with heroes once again fighting for freedom and peace in a galaxy on the edge of war.

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The Shadow Warrior Returns

Dragged into the deep recesses of the earth and enslaved by a mad despot-in-exile, Ran, the Shadow Warrior, must fight his way to the surface even as he plunges into the depths of a mystery. For the earth does not give up its secrets easily—even for the Shadow Warrior. Sequel to The Undead Hordes of Kan-Gul.

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Book Cover
New Fiction and Nonfiction at

Science Never Settled Not-So-Silent Night

Information specialist Jason Wood makes tidy living recognizing patterns where others see only chaos. But all he wants to do at the moment is kick back with his new wife and celebrate their first Christmas in their new home. But when the police come asking for his help with an unusual murder—one that involves lycanthropy, no less—Jason finds himself on the job and tossed out into a night that is anything but silent. An all new short story set in the worlds of Paradigms Lost by Ryk E. Spoor, just in time for the holidays.

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Look to the Stars for Prosperity!

For many of us on planet Earth, the present is a time of unprecedented prosperity. For others, the journey to societal riches is only beginning. But can our planet sustain 7+ billion people? Are huge swaths of humanity destined to remain impoverished? Will we simply burn through all of Earth’s resources until there is nothing left to consume? Author and NASA scientist Les Johnson rejects the doomsayers. For there may well be another solution to the questions of resource scarcity and population growth. One that looks to the stars, not as an escape, but as a hope for life right here on Earth.

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Onward with The Baen Free Radio Hour!

Coming to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Authors Larry Correia and Gray Rinehart talk with editors Jennifer Brozek and Bryan Thomas Schmidt about the new collection Shattered Shields!

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The Honor Harrington Comic is Now Available!

David Weber’s best-selling Honor Harrington can now be found in a gaming app for Apple and Android devices! Find out more here. And don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Tales of Honor, the Honor Harrington comic. Click here to download a free preview of the first issue.

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February Baen Ebook Releases

Castaway Planet
Eric Flint
Ryk E. Spoor

Set adrift among the stars, a small band of survivors beats the odds and finds a habitable planet on which to build a new life. But this strange new world holds many secrets—some of which may prove deadly.

It’s Up to Charlie Hardin
Dean Ing

A secret path through an ancient oak, a heartless dog-shooting neighbor, a storm culvert that may lead directly into a secret Nazi plot. Such are the adventures that await Charlie Hardin, young denizen of WWII-era Austin, Texas.

Cobra Outlaw
Timothy Zahn

With war between Cobra factions brewing, Cobra Jason Broom poses as a slave on an alien prison planet. He seeks information—information that may save the Cobra worlds, and head off a massive interstellar war.

Cauldron of Ghosts
David Weber
Eric Flint

A vast, ancient conspiracy stands exposed. But for freedom to finally dawn on the planet of Mesa, Anton Zilwicki of the Star Kingdom and Victor Cachat of Haven must first get the evidence off-planet without getting themselves killed in the process.

As Time Goes By
ed. by Hank Davis

Time and love are universally experienced and yet dimly understood. Here then, a new collection of stories that explores the transcendental mysteries of both forces, as lovers—happy and otherwise—are caught in bizarre twists of time.

The Sea Without a Shore
David Drake

On the mining planet Corcyra, Captain Daniel Leary and Adele Mundy must deal with kidnappers, hijackers, pirates and a death squad—even before they can get to their real business of ending a war.

The Complete Compleat Enchanter
L. Sprague de Camp
Fletcher Pratt

The complete Harold Shea stories from SF master L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt, together at last! In these five tales of the fantastic, psychologist Harold Shea and his colleagues travel to parallel worlds where magic is real.

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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on January 15, 2015. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Fairwood Press

Count Geiger’s Blues
Michael Bishop

While skinny-dipping in a pool polluted with radioactive waste, snobbish newspaper arts editor Xavier Thaxton finds himself afflicted with superpowers. “Afflicted” because Thaxton abhors the low-brow aesthetic he now embodies. Forced into taking up the mantle of superhero Count Geiger, Thaxton must overcome his prejudices to save himself.

The Best of Electric Velocipede
ed. by John Klima

The Best of Electric Velocipede showcases a breathtaking thirty-four pieces of high quality work published during the magazine’s twelve year run. If you’ve never read EV, you’re in for a treat. If you’re already a fan, you’ll find all your favorites and a lot of great writing that deserves a second look.

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Wordfire Press

Away Games
Mike Resnick

Mega-award winner Mike Resnick shares 17 of his best and most fantastic tales about sports all across the galaxy.

A Fantastic Holiday Season: the Gift of Stories
ed. by Kevin J. Anderson
Keith J. Olexa

Make is an amazing holidays with science fiction, fantasy, and horror tales by Kevin J. Anderson, Mercedes Lackey, Brad R. Torgersen, Patricia Briggs, Jonathan Maberry, Heather Graham, and more.

Hair of the Wolf
Peter J. Wacks

Fans of Christopher Moore and Jim Butcher will love this urban fantasy of ancient gods, werewolves, and, most horrific of all . . . disco!

The Best of Penny Dread Tales
ed. by Kevin J. Anderson
Quincy J. Allen

Get your steampunk on! These stories are the very best of the tales published in the popular PENNY DREAD anthology series, collected here for the first time.

Time’s Mistress
Steven Savile

From #1 international bestseller and award-winner Steven Savile, a collection of heart-wrenching tales from all across the timestream.

Working Stiff
Kevin J. Anderson

The cases Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. Shamble works cases at a vampire circus, with a long-distance monster trucker, at a CosplayCon where a Stormtrooper is murdered with a Klingon as the main suspect, and more.

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