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In this issue: time travel, space opera, epic fantasy–and an expedition into the possible future of the American military!
   October 2011
New October eArcs

Grantville Grantville Gazette Volume VI

The time-tossed West Virginia town that put paid to medieval skullduggery and won a place in war-torn 17th century Europe is back with a new slate of tales. New York Times bestseller Eric Flint presents another intricate, rollicking collection of Grantville tales!

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Check out Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire series, with latest entry 1636: The Saxon Uprising, here

Cobra Cobra Gamble: Cobra War Book III

Cobra warriors, genetically enhanced and implanted with an arsenal of covert weaponry, are humanity’s most dangerous guerilla fighters. Now with the invasion by the implacable Troft, a young Cobra warrior must overcome generations of prejudice and meet the challenge once again.

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An Apprentice Masters Her Destiny

A riveting stand-alone fantasy filled with walking gods and thief magic—all set in P.C. Hodgell's wondrous world of the Kencyrath Series, as seen in novels Bound in Blood, and the upcoming Honor’s Paradox. It’s the end of apprenticeship for Patch, young thief in the making and series protagonist Jame’s protégé, as she defends herself and her family on a night of murderous guild riots and tectonic shifts in political power within a city of magic.

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Beating American Military Decline

In a stunning and substantial tour d’horizon of the U.S. and Western alliance military frontier, J.R. Dunn argues that American innovation is alive and well, and decline as a great power is far from inevitable. But, says Dunn, the military that might emerge in the next twenty to fifty years will be a very different beast from what has gone before.

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January WebScription Releases

Grantville Gazette VI - HALF
Edited by Eric Flint

The time-tossed West Virginia town that put paid to medieval skullduggery and won a place in war-torn 17th century Europe is back in series of tales.

Cobra Gamble - HALF
Timothy Zahn

A surgically enhanced warrior must overcome generations of prejudice and meet the challenge of an alien invasion of human space.
Sixth Column - HALF
Robert A. Heinlein

After the U.S. is conquered, an enclave of brilliant misfits leads a rebellion against a totalitarian regime. With an afterword by Carerra series creator, Tom Kratman.
Voyage Across the Stars - HALF
David Drake

Two incandescent novels of traveling heroes set in David Drake's best-selling Hammer's Slammers universe together in one volume. Contains Cross the Stars, with a Odyssean Captain Don Slade on an epic journey to his home planet, and Voyage, where young Nick Slade seeks an alien artifact that could revolutionize star travel.
Invasion: Book One of the Secret World Chronicle
Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libby, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee

Superheroic meta-humans face a conspiracy of evil set to unleash a Nazi superscience menace from a dark dimension. The thrilling debut of a shared-world mega-series, The Secret World Chronicle.
Back to the Moon
Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson

With governments and private efforts in contention to return to the moon, the astronauts involved must find a way to work together when crisis strikes.
Golden Reflections
Fred Saberhagan

A classic novel of adventure in an alternate world of the Inca and beyond by an SF master—plus stories set in the same universe by David Weber, Harry Turtledove, Walter John Williams, Jane Lindskold, John Maddox Roberts and more top writers.
October 2011 Night Shade Bundle

Michael Dempsey

In a retro-futurist world of flying Studebakers and plasma tommy guns, resurrected NYPD detective Paul Donner searches for those responsible for the destruction of his life before the Shift transformed the world forever.

The Twilight of Lake Woebegotten
Harrison Geillor

When Bonnie Grayduck relocates to the small town of Lake Woebegotten, Minnesota, she thinks she's leaving her troubles behind. What she finds is vampires—but nice, Midwestern vampires including the brooding, beautiful Edwin Scullen. Unfortunately for the Scullen’s it may actually be Bonnie who is the monster–of the ordinary human variety.

Infidel: God’s War Volume 2
Kameron Hurley

Former assassin Nyx, apostate of the Bel Dames Sisterhood, must face down her ex-guild sisters who are leading a political coup. In a rotten country of sweet-tongued politicians, giant bugs, and renegade shape shifters, Nyx must be sure the bodies she leaves scattered across the continent do not include her own.

Reap the East Wind
Glen Cook

In the mystic desert reaches beyond the Dread Empire a young victim of the Great War becomes the Deliverer of an eons-forgotten god, chosen to lead the legions of the dead.

Get the Night Shade Epic Noir Bundle here

William Hope Hodgson Bundle

“[A] classic of the first water.” –H.P. Lovecraft

William Hope Hodgson’s legendary works of fantasy, science fiction and mystical adventure may be a keystone of the fantasy and science fiction genre, but they remain as awe-inducing today as ever. From unthinkable horrors dredged from the deep (Hodgson was a seminal Lovecraft influence) to a house that travels through time, Hodgson defines a style of fantastic storytelling that bridges the gap between gothic creepiness and metaphysical and science-based wonder.

Now get all of Hodgson—his great works such as The House on the Borderland, his sought-after short fiction, such as his Carnicke occult detective tales —in one bundle of incredible value. Get this colossus collection and delve into mysteries of time and space with an author who is a major influence on such greats as H.P. Lovecraft, C.S. Lewis and Robert Zelazny and the acknowledged Dean of Metaphysical Science Fiction himself.

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