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In this issue: Empires collide and a new young adult Harrington saga is born–plus a David Weber “Name That Cover” contest!
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First Contact: A Girl and Her Treecat

Teenager Stephanie Harrington is a young woman on the road to greatness and discovery. Now the biggest find of all awaits her: an intelligent alien species she names the treecats. It's the magnificent debut of the Honor Harrington family origin saga–and a dazzling first entry in a new David Weber teen series!

Read an interview with with David Weber discussing his new novel A Beautiful Friendship here and read Weber's Honorverse Tech Bu9 here

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Star Empires Collide

Galactic emperors maneuver to put a stop to generations of war in the stars without both getting assassinated in the process. Multiple Nebula-award-winning Catherine Asaro continues her brilliant and romantic Skolian space opera opus!

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Larry Correia Co-authors a New Military Adventure

From the author of the New York Times bestselling Monster Hunter series and an Air Force weapons expert (currently on deployment overseas), a nonstop action, edge-of-your-seat military-political thriller in a dangerous Middle Eastern setting complete with a compelling double-viewpoint twist.

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October Contest

Test Your Weber Cover Savvy

Name the novels for these nine David Weber novel cover snatches. We've tossed in a couple of easy ones to whet your appetite—and added more challenging fare for a Manticoran main course. Identify all of them and win a chance to receive five free David Weber ebooks!

Enter the David Weber cover contest here.

October Releases

A Beautiful Friendship
David Weber

Honor Ancestor Stephanie Harrington settles with her parents on Manticoran planet Sphinx where natural curiosity and drive lead her to a world-changing discovery. The first entry in a new David Weber young adult series!

Catherine Asaro

Galactic emperors attempt to steer their realms away from generations of war without themselves being assassinated in the process.

Starman Jones
Robert A. Heinlein

Young starship crewman Max Jones has fought his way to the stars. Now disaster strikes and it's going to take every trick Max learned from his hard-scrabble life to save his ship from doom. With an all-new afterword by Michael Z. Williamson!

Lois McMaster Bujold

Miles Vorkosigan, troubleshooter for the Barrayaran Galactic Empire, takes on the corrupt and dangerous ruling elite of a world where immortality is a commodity to be bartered for power. A long-awaited new installment in the award-winning science fiction adventure series.

Dead Six
Larry Correia and Mike Kupari

A nonstop action, edge-of-your-seat military-political thriller in a dangerous Middle Eastern setting complete with a compelling double-viewpoint twist from Monster Hunter International creator Larry Correia and Air Force weapons expert Mike Kupari!

Bolos: Their Finest Hour
Keith Laumer

Science fiction giant Keith Laumer along with David Weber, Mercedes Lackey, and S.M. Stirling continue the exploits of Laumer's dauntless, hard-fighting Bolos—artificially intelligent tanks with courage and moral sense often better than that of their human masters.

Robert Asprin

A comedic fantasy masterpiece years in the making, here are the complete Myth tales of New York Times best-seller Robert Asprin collected for the first time. Included is all the short fiction set in Asprin's legendarily hilarious mythic world of sword, sorcery and wordplay.
Coming in November

Spellbound: Book II of the Grimnoir Chronicles
Larry Correia

From the creator of Monster Hunter International: Jake Sullivan is a hardboiled private eye at war with evil powers in a dark and gritty city of noir and magic.
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