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In this issue: the future of space travel, a master is celebrated, and an old soldier learns some new tricks. All that plus a new essay by NASA scientist Les Johnson.
   August 2015

Danger and Derring-Do on a Hostile World

When her brother is held for ransom by a crazed warlord on the chaotic world of Zanzibar, privateer Captain Catherine Blackwell knows she must do whatever it takes to ensure his safe return. But the job won’t be easy. To get her brother back she must face down danger at every turn—and uncover a mystery four million years in the making.

“A big, sweeping space adventure, with heroic characters you care about. Mike Kupari is an awesome storyteller.”—Larry Correia

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book cover

book cover Celebrate a Master

David Drake is a master—of military SF, of space opera, and of fantasy. Now, top writers pay tribute to Drake with all-new stories set in the worlds he created. Includes new fiction from Eric Flint, Gene Wolfe, Larry Correia, Tony Daniel, John Lambshead, and many more. Plus, the first new Hammer’s Slammers story in over a decade, from the man himself!

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Race to the Stars—and Beyond!

When NASA no longer dominates space exploration, who will rule the stars? In these nineteen tales, characters from across the globe vie for supremacy in a solar system suddenly up for grabs. From Mercury to Pluto and beyond, Mission: Tomorrow imagines a future where anything is possible. All-new stories of what-if from top SF writers, including Mike Resnick, Brenda Cooper, Sarah A. Hoyt, and many more.

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book cover
Last Chance to Vote for the Year’s Best Military SF and Space Opera Award


To coincide with the release of The Year’s Best Military SF and Space Opera, Baen Books is pleased to announce the inaugural Year’s Best Military Science Fiction and Space Opera Award. The award honors the best of the best in this grand storytelling tradition, and its winner will receive an inscribed plaque and a $500 prize. And YOU are the judge! Choose your favorite story from the contents of The Year’s Best Military SF and Space Opera and reward its author for excellence.

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

Lessons of War

Wolfgang Kohl has learned of war the hard way, first fighting in the trenches for Germany in the Great War and now, at fifty-five, as an officer in Hitler’s Third Reich. But experience has taught him that the Führer’s war is anything but noble, and with the Russians on the brink of overrunning Germany, he’ll do what he must to save the young soldiers in his command—body and soul.

A story of World War II by the late master of alternate history Robert Conroy and military history expert J.R. Dunn.

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story graphic

story graphic
Going Up

Since Arthur C. Clarke first popularized the idea of taking an elevator into space, science fiction writers, scientists, and engineers have contemplated the possibility of rocketless transportation to space via elevator. Author and NASA space scientist Les Johnson tackles the difficulties of building such a mode of transportation and shows how we might soon be taking elevator rides into Earth orbit in this month’s nonfiction essay.

Read “Space Tethers and Elevators” by Les Johnson here.

Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Steve White on his new Jason Thanou time travel novel Soldiers Out of Time, David Drake discusses the genesis of his young adult novel written with classic adventure writer Jim Kjelgaard, The Hunter Returns, and a roundtable discussion on religion, science, and science fiction with David Weber, Les Johnson, and others. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

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August Baen Ebook Releases

Son of the Black Sword
Larry Correia

Rebellion, war, and destruction rage across the land, and Ashok Vadal has been chosen by a powerful ancient weapon to be its bearer. Is he pawn or master of his destiny? The answer to that question will determine the fate of a warrior—and the fate of a world!

Her Brother's Keeper
Mike Kupari

When her brother is held for ransom, privateer Captain Catherine Blackwell knows she must do whatever it takes to ensure his safe return. But the job won’t be easy. To get her brother back she must face down danger at every turn—and uncover a mystery four million years in the making.

Mission: Tomorrow
ed. by Brian Thomas Schmidt

When NASA no longer dominates space exploration, who will rule the stars? In these nineteen tales, characters from across the globe vie for supremacy in a solar system suddenly up for grabs.

Shards of Honor

Lois McMaster Bujold

When Cordelia Naismith and her survey crew are attacked by a renegade group from Barrayar, she is taken prisoner by Aral Vorkosigan, commander of the Barrayan ship that has been taken over by an ambitious and ruthless crew member.

Cauldron of Ghosts

David Weber & Eric Flint

Spy Anton Zilwicki and agent Victor Cachat of Haven must expose a twisted conspiracy to impose a society dominated by genetic rank. If they succeed, a great evil will be removed from the galaxy—and freedom may finally dawn.

The Chaplain’s War

Brad Torgersen

When the mantis aliens threaten to wipe human life from the galaxy, the survival of our species depends on one lowly Chaplain's Assistant named Harrison Barlow. Stranded behind enemy lines, Harrison must do whatever it takes to survive, for the human race itself.

The Beyonders

Many Wade Wellman

The Beyonders were shapes in the forests who bribed and promised. They had their human allies, and only a few men knew that when the Beyonders came in their full strength, they would sweep all before them.

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Event Horizon Press

The Lucky 13th by Rick Shelley

Until Relieved
Two enemy empires are poaching Free World planets. The Lucky 13th must “hold until relieved,” delaying the actions of one empire while the Free Worlds’ main fleet fights on another front.

Side Show
For decades, the Accord of Free Worlds tried to keep out of the war that divided the galaxy. But now, they have no choice — it’s fight or die. And the soldiers of the 13th Spacebourne are “the lucky” ones chosen to do it.

Jump Pay
Intelligence says the Hegemony is preparing a major invasion of the Accord planets. The only way to head off the invasion is prevent it — by launching a crippling attack on the heavily defended planet where the Hegemony stockpiles ordnance.

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Fairwood Press

Cracking the Sky
Brenda Cooper

Meet a physicist who searches across timelines in a desperate attempt to travel across them herself, a young woman who tried to recover the magic of a trip on a river with her grandfather, a young couple who suspect their neighbor child is being raised by robots, and many more in this collection of short stories.

Pandora's Gun
James Van Pelt

What would you do if you controlled powers that were once attributed to gods? High school student Peter Van Meer finds an impossible treasure that seems too good to be true. Now, he must work with his two best friends to unlock its secrets before it threatens to spill out its unknown dangers into the world.

Blue Yonders, Grateful Pies and Other Fanciful Feasts
Ken Scholes

A grief-struck man finds the truth he needs in a Wild Blue Yonder purchased from a back alley grief counselor. A Kentucky veteran juggles a trailer-park Thanksgiving and zombie apocalypse. A disillusioned pastor and a disgraced security officer face down a domestic terror cell. These are just a few of the stops in Ken Scholes’s latest pass through his Imagination Forest.

The Child Goddess

Louise Marley

There is something mysterious and terrifying about a young child, discovered and imprisoned by Port Force workers on the ocean planet of Virimund. Mother Isabel Burke, of the Priestly Order of Mary Magdalene, a medical anthropologist, is called to be the child’s guardian, but Isabel finds she must also be the girl’s protector against the powerful corporation trying to exploit her.

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Wordfire Press

The Outpost
Mike Resnick

A gritty tale of heroes, would-be heroes, and outright liars at a space outpost in the turmoil of a galactic war, from the most award-winning author in all of SF.

The Official DragonCon Survival Guide
Jessica Brawner

How to survive and thrive at the most enjoyable convention of the year. Just in time for DragonCon 2015: the basics of etiquette, costuming, the parties, the hotels, the panels, everything you need to have a great time.

Pockets of Darkness
Jean Rabe

Antiques expert Briget O’Shea is also a thief, and she steals the wrong object when she takes an ancient relic connected to a Sumerian demon. And the demon will kill everyone she loves until she does as he demands.

Cultural Repercussions

Bradley J. Birzer

Legendary drummer and lyricist for the rock band Rush, Neil Peart, has had a tremendous influence on culture, and science fiction in particular, with SF musical epics such as 2112, Hemispheres, Cygnus X-1, and Clockwork Angels. This book examines his work and the impact it has had.

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