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In this issue: stranded on a mysterious planet; a dark conspiracy brought into the light, and the science behind a seventeenth-century medicine man. All that, plus part on of a new epic science fiction poem!
   July 2016

book cover Worst‑Case Scenario

Sergeant Samuel Morgan Campbell had been in plenty of tight spots before, but nothing like this. His ship, the Outward Initiative, has been destroyed. Now, stranded on Lifeboat LS‑88—all systems dead, light‑years from any known colony—he and his crew of half-trained children will have to repair systems with no tools, navigate with no computers, and land a shuttle whose controls were more than half‑destroyed. And if they manage all of that, then the real challenge begins. The only planet in range has secrets that even Sergeant Campbell cannot imagine.

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From the Shadows
Coming Soon!

Europe has spiraled into chaos. A conspiracy years in the making combined with general unrest leads to upheaval and revolution. In the midst of the murderous disorder, mercenary Michael Valentine is in Europe with a small team of his Exodus personnel trying to track down the evil and highly dangerous Katarina Montalban. She has initiated a mysterious plot to do away with those who stand between her and ultimate power. The team is on their own, with few friends, few resources—and racing against the clock.

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book cover
New Fiction and Nonfiction at

story graphic The Apocalypse in Verse

The year is 2067. The sea level has risen seven feet, and its rise is accelerating. Catastrophic weather events and the drownings of whole cities are already taking place. Can Anneliese rescue her favorite painting in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum before the flood arrives? Can Noah Blazo sell his plan to save the world?

Baen Books is proud to present a new epic poem, serialized in ten parts. Written by celebrated poet Frederick Turner, Apocalypse examines the effects of catastrophic climate change—and the men and women who do whatever it takes to save the planet.

Over the next weeks, a new section of this novel-length work will be posted on the Baen Books main web site, and then collected complete as an ebook that will appear when the serialization is done. So watch every Thursday from now until the end of September 2016 for new installments!

Read Apocalypse, Book 1: The Flood here.

The Doctor is In

When the twentieth century town of Grantville, West Virginia is transported through time and space to seventeenth century Europe, her resident chemists waste no time in concocting all manner of chemicals and solutions necessary to keep life running as usual. But there are only so many of them and their time and resources are limited. While they focus on the big picture, what about the little things that make life worth living? Things like baking powder for making biscuits. Enter the good Doctor Gribbleflotz, a downtime alchemist willing to help the denizens of Grantville turn a bad situation into gold—that is, golden, flaky biscuits! But Herr Doctor Gribbleflotz doesn’t stop there. Over the course of many short stories and in the new book The Chronicles of Dr. Gribbleflotz, he turns his alchemist eye toward myriad problems the uptimers bring him and in the process makes a name for himself. In this month’s nonfiction essay, Rick Boatright examines the real world science behind Gribbleflotz’s exploits.

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story graphic
Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Tony Daniel talks about The Dragon Hammer, first entry in a new young adult high fantasy saga and Timothy Zahn discusses The Cobra War Trilogy, and coauthors Rick Boatright and Kerryn Offord on new Ring of Fire novel 1636: The Chronicles of Dr. Gribbleflotz. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

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Vote for The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF Readers’ Choice Award

To coincide with the release of The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF 2015, Baen Books is pleased to announce the second annual Year’s Best Military and Adventure Science Fiction Readers’ Choice Award. The award honors the best of the best in this grand storytelling tradition, and its winner will receive an inscribed plaque and a $500 prize. And YOU are the judge! Choose your favorite story from the contents of The Year’s Best Military and Adventure SF 2015 and reward its author for excellence. Voting closes August 31, 2016.

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story graphic

Baen Ebook Releases

Alliance of Shadows - HALF
Larry Correia & Mike Kupari

Europe has spiraled into chaos. In the midst of the disorder, mercenary Michael Valentine and his team are trying to track down an evil woman bent on total power. They’re on their own, with few friends, few resources—and racing against the clock.

Castaway Odyssey - HALF
Eric Flint & Ryk E. Spoor

Stranded in space, the crew of the Outward Initiative must find a way to live on a planet full of deadly secrets. And that’s if they can make it there in one piece.

Fleet Inquisitor - HALF
Susan R. Matthews

Under Jurisdiction torture isn’t about truth. It’s about terror. The first three novels in the Under Jurisdiction series, together for the first time. Includes An Exchange of Hostages, Prisoner of Conscience, and Angel of Destruction.


David Drake

The corrupt Earth government is sending an army to Greenwood to remove the pioneers who discovered and settled the planet. The rugged individualists of Greenwood may be fractious and disinclined to agree on most things, but the greedy politicians of Earth will learn a harsh lesson if they think the settlers won't join together to save their livelihoods and homes.

The Road to Hell

David Weber & Joelle Presby

The war between magically gifted Arcana and psionically talented Sharona continues to rage. The stakes are high and the pieces are in motion, and none can glimpse the final outcome.

Raising Caine

Charles E. Gannon

On a diplomatic mission to the very alien worlds of the Slaasriithi, Caine Riordan must shepherd a crucial alliance for the fledgling Consolidated Terran Republic. But Caine isn’t the only one journeying into the unknown reaches of Slaasriithi space.

Operation Arcana

ed. by John Joseph Adams

In the realms of fantasy, the battlefield is where heroism comes alive, magic is unleashed, and legends are made and unmade. Includes stories by Myke Cole, Linda Nagata, Jonathan Maberry, Elizabeth Moon and many more.

Forever After
created by Roger Zelazny

In this world the millennial battle against the forces of evil has just been won, and all the hard-working heroes are just about to start living very happily Forever After—probably. With Robert Asprin, David Drake, Jane Lindskold & Mike Stackpole.

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JABberwocky Literary Agency

The Pillars of Reality Series from Jack Campbell

The Dragons of Dorcastle
Dematr is ruled by the opposed Mage and Mechanic Guilds. For centuries, they have been bitter rivals. But now a Storm approaches, one that could sweep away everything that humans have built. Mari, a brilliant young Mechanic, and Alain, a young Mage, must choose between protecting their lives and their Guilds, and risking everything to save Dematr.

The Hidden Masters of Marandur
Very powerful people want Mari and Alain dead. Trying to survive and learn how to save their world, they soon realize the answers they seek lie in the dead city of Marandur. But Marandur is guarded by the legions that have sealed it off from the rest of the world for more than a century.

The Assassins of Altis
Trapped within the dead city of Marandur, Mari and Alain must escape merciless barbarians and the pitiless Imperial Legion. Beyond those dangers lie the mightiest and most unforgiving powers in the world of Dematr: the Great Guilds that rule the world with iron fists.

The Pirates of Pacta Servanda
Mari and Alain have survived every attempt to stop them, but their enemies are determined to kill. Beating the Mechanics Guild and the Mage Guild that have controlled the world of Dematr for centuries will require an unprecedented alliance of rebellious Mechanics, Mages, and common folk who know that together they can change the world.

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Wordfire Press

The Comet Chronicles
Brian Herbert

For centuries the slobs of Earth have been rocketing their refuse into the galaxy. But the universe is about to get even. An immense comet of garbage is on a collision course for Earth and only one man can stop it! Contains Sidney’s Comet and The Garbage Chronicles.

Sister of the Lionheart
Hilary Benford

A breathtaking historical epic about Joanna Plantagenet, an unforgettable heroine in the time of the Crusades, whose drive and persistence helped change the course of history.

This World is not my Home
D.J. Butler

Earth’s most damned rock band takes a shortcut and finds itself deeply entangled in Mab’s Queendom, where ancient grudges die hard and the line between reality is hard to spot.

The Good Son

D.J. Butler

The band knows him as their tight-lipped lead singer Jim, but Jacob Bar Azazel is Satan's only son.

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