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In this issue: a man of the cloth behind enemy lines, a young recruit’s call to duty, and a multitude of massive monsters. All that plus new fiction from Charles Gannon set in the Trial by Fire universe.
   July 2014

book cover Faith to Turn the Tide of War!

The Manties: insectoid cyborgs threatening to wipe human life from the galaxy. Now, when push comes to genocidal shove, our species' survival may depend on one lowly Chaplain's Assistant named Harrison Barlow. Stranded behind enemy lines, Harrison must fight—not only for his own life, but for the human race itself.

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

A Thing of Beauty

The Indi Group isn’t known for its humanitarian principles. They’re all about the bottom line, even if that means taking steps that most would find appalling. But the higher-ups are about to find out that when you put human lives on a balance sheet, you may not get the results you’re after. And that the intangible things in life—loyalty, compassion, and beauty—sometimes conquer even the most cold-hearted financial equations. An all-new story, set in the Trial By Fire universe, from Charles E. Gannon.

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Science Never Settled
Scientific Consensus? Not Hardly!

The second and final installment of neuroscience researcher and science educator Tedd Roberts’ essay explaining what science is and isn’t, why the personality cult of the Scientist is often misguided, and “Why Science is Never Settled.”

Read “Why Science is Never Settled—Part 2” here.

Baen Books at DragonCon 2014!

Baeniacs Assemble! A Call to Arms!

Going to DragonCon this year? So is Baen! And we’ve got a lot of great stuff planned. We’ll be hosting a Worlds of Baen entrant in the DragonCon Parade and we need you to help make it a success. To learn more, check out the Baen DragonCon Parade Group on facebook here.

But that’s not all! We’re also hosting a book release party—and you’re invited. We’re celebrating the release of Islands of Rage and Hope and A Call to Duty with a party on Thursday August 28th from 7:00 p.m.—midnight, in the Peachtree Ballroom on the 8th floor of the downtown Atlanta Weston. John Ringo, Timothy Zahn, and David Weber will be attending. We’ll have books for sale, readings, autographings, and a costume contest (including your chance to win some cold hard cash). We’ve also got a few more surprises up our sleeve that you’ll have to attend to find out about.

To learn more about the parade and other Baen goings-on at DragonCon, click here or here.

Don't Touch that Dial: It's The Baen Free Radio Hour!

Fascinating conversations with your favorite Baen writers about the books you love. Coming up: Larry Correia on his new Monster Hunter novel, Monster Hunter Nemesis, and David Weber on the 21st Anniversary of his second Honor Harrington novel, The Honor of the Queen, with a new signed leatherbound edition available now, Steve White on his latest Jason Thanou time travel novel, artist Alan Pollack on creating Larry Correia's Monster Hunter covers—and much more!

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Baen Android App and Baen Ebooks Mobile Site Now Available

Baen goes mobile! Baen Ebooks, the legendary Baen Bar, Baen podcasts, news, a dedicated e-reader, and loads of great Baen content are now available especially for your mobile device! Get the Baen app at Google Play here. And point your mobile device bowser to the Baen Ebooks mobile site here.

The Honor Harrington Comic is Now Available!

David Weber’s best-selling Honor Harrington can now be found in a gaming app for Apple and Android devices! Find out more here.

And don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Tales of Honor, a five-part comic based on Weber’s On Basilisk Station. Click here to download a free preview of the first issue, purchase issues #1 and #2, and watch a video on the adaptation process.


October Baen Ebook Releases

A Call to Duty
David Weber
Timothy Zahn

With all its resources in doubt, the Royal Manticoran Navy is on the brink of extinction. But there is still threat without, and Travis Long is about to discover that it's in the worst of times that heroes are born!

Beyond This Horizon
Robert A. Heinlein

The classic novel about a bored superman in a future utopia from Science Fiction Grand Master Robert A. Heinlein.

The Chaplain’s War
Brad Torgersen

When push comes to genocidal shove, our species' survival may depend on one lowly Chaplain's Assistant named Harrison Barlow. Stranded behind alien enemy lines, Harrison must fight for the human race itself.

The Baen Big Book of Monsters
Hank Davis

Tales of giant-sized monsters by authors with reputations just as big, including David Drake, Sarah A. Hoyt, Wen Spencer, and Larry Correia.

Burdens of the Dead
Mercedes Lackey
Eric Flint
Dave Freer

In an alternate Renaissance, roguish and resourceful captain Benito Valdosta of Italy must deal with gods, goddesses and warfare in order to save his daughter at the siege of Constantinople.

Tour of Duty
Michael Z. Williamson

These are stories of the warriors and civilians who get things done in extreme situations. A hard-hitting collection of the best fiction and nonfiction of Michael Z. Williamson.

1636: The Devil’s Opera
Eric Flint
David Carrico

1636: the United States of Europe struggle to survive in the growing up-timer / down-timer city of Magdeburg. There’s murder afoot, and the battle for freedom in war-torn Europe won’t be over until the fat lady sings.

The Hostage of Zir
L. Sprague de Camp

Fergus Reith attempts to shepherd a group of Terran tourists around the alien world of Krishna in this swashbuckling classic from SF legend L. Sprague de Camp.

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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on September 15, 2014. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Wordfire Press

Rhiannin Paille

The next sweeping Epic Fantasy Romance is here! For fans of Tristan & Isolde, and Lord of the Rings! Years ago, High King Tor silenced the tyrannous old kings and brought peace to the lands, but an ancient prophecy states that the bond between The Ferryman and The Flame will bring eternal damnation. Kaliel knows what she is, but she is terrified to face her destiny.

Rhiannin Paille

Book 2 of The Ferryman & The Flame. Krishani never knew love could leave such destruction in its wake. Forced to flee, Krishani finds his true family in the wastelands. The last thing Krishani wants to do is guide souls to the other side, but if he doesn't he will become a vicious soul eater.

Rhiannin Paille

Book 3 of The Ferryman & The Flame. The last thing Kaliel remembers is the lightning before waking up on a battlefield next to the boy she loves. Krishani is different, broken by what has happened to them. He promises the enemies are dead, and that nothing will tear them apart again. Krishani is forced to be the Ferryman, set on an endless journey towards death, and Kaliel is given opportunity to learn from her kin, but nothing is truly the same.

Man of Two Worlds
Frank Herbert
Brian Herbert

Frank Herbert’s last published book, a charming and witty collaboration with his son Brian. What if the entire universe were the creation of alien minds? After an unfortunate spaceship accident, a hedonistic and ambitious human finds himself sharing his body and mind with a naive alien dreamer.

Sidney's Comet
Brian Herbert

For centuries the slobs that inhabit Earth have been rocketing their refuse into the galaxy, littering the cosmos with wrappers and peelings and bottles and cans. But now the universe is about to get even. An immense comet of garbage has been sighted on a collision course for Earth! Only one man can stop it: A lowly government worker named Sidney Malloy.

The Garbage Chronicles
Brian Herbert

In the super-consumer society of the future, recycling is illegal, and Earth's garbage is catapulted into deep space. But as humankind reluctantly learns, what goes up must come down. . . A rollicking and thought-provoking science fiction adventure.

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Fairwood Press

The Court of Lies
Mark Teppo

Welcome to The Court of Lies! These are stories of liars, heartbreakers, and fabulists. The Queen suggests you place your trust in her. The Prince is also your guide, and you should not trust his disarming smile. And, the horned King beckons you to approach his throne. There is no escaping The Court of Lies.

Are You There & Other Stories
Jack Skillingstead

Life after death, digital personalities, alien invasion, and Lovecraftian horror. Edgy and surreal, each tale in this exciting new collection reflects on familiar, emotional issues and complex relationships from new and imaginative angles.

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