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In this issue: a heretic becomes the Savior, a dapper Lieutenant on the run from interstellar smugglers, and a Civil War spy. All that plus the winning stories from the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest!
   June 2014

book cover Blow Back the Blood Winds!

On the planet Duisberg, the Blood Winds—barbarians that sweep in from the desert and reduce civilization to rubble—are about to blow once more. It is up to Abel Dashian—with help from the spirit of Raj Whitehall and a powerful computer known as Center—to stop the tide of barbarians from destroying his people. To do so, he must conquer the very land of his origin and destroy the A.I. “god” who has doomed his world to an everlasting Dark Age. Abel is a heretic, but now he must become—THE SAVIOR.

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Jeeves in Space!

The dapper Lieutenant Lord Thomas Kinago is back! This time he’s leaving the Imperium home world to investigate the illegal contraband trade in the galactic region known as the Autocracy of Uctu. But the smuggling ring he’s investigating is quite determined to cancel Thomas before he cancels them. As usual, it’s up Thomas’ constant companion and “man Friday” Parsons to find a way to lead his hapless master to victory—or at least keep him from getting killed.

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book cover
New Fiction and Nonfiction at

Mary Bowser Secrets Lost in Time!

During the Civil War, freed slave Mary Elizabeth Bowser worked as a Union spy in the home of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. After a failed attempt to burn down the Confedreate White House, she disappeared from history. Bestselling author Steve White picks up Bowser’s story where history left off. Mary Bowser is about to find out that there are enemies much worse than her Confederate employer—enemies that want to destroy the human race by manipulating the timeline. All new fiction set in the Jason Thanou universe.

Read “The Last Secret of Mary Bowser” here.

Scientific Consensus? Not Hardly!

Neuroscience researcher and science educator Tedd Roberts explains what science is and isn’t, why the personality cult of the Scientist is often misguided, and “Why Science is Never Settled” in this month’s free non-fiction article.

Read “Why Science is Never Settled” here.

Science Never Settled
Don't Touch that Dial: It's The Baen Free Radio Hour!

Fascinating conversations with your favorite Baen writers about the books you love. Coming up: an interview with P.C. Hodgell on her new Kencyrath series entry The Sea of Time, Larry Correia on his new Monster Hunter novel, Monster Hunter Nemesis, and David Weber on the 21st Anniversary of his second Honor Harrington novel, The Honor of the Queen, with a new signed leatherbound edition available now, Steve White on his latest Jason Thaou time travel novel, artist Alan Pollack on creating Larry Correia's Monster Hunter covers—and much more!

Listen to The Baen Free Radio Hour now

Winners of the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest!

We’re pleased to present the first and second place winners of the annual Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest. Congratulations to Sean Monaghan and Marina J. Lostetter!

Danger and Derring-do on the Lunar Surface!

Colin Bertelli thought that he’d left the dangerous work behind him when he quit his job as an ice miner at the Lunar South Pole and joined NASA. But Bertelli is about to discover that, on the Moon, even the most routine work can be perilous and life on the lunar surface demands heroes. The pulse-pounding winner of the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest.

Read Sean Monaghan’s “Low Arc” here.

Life Hangs in the Balance!

When eight-year-old Jamal learns that he is going to get a new baby sister, he’s not excited. A new life means change—more change than Jamal is ready to deal with. For on board the ships of the vast interstellar Convoy, balance must be maintained.

Read Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest runner-up “Balance,” by Marina J. Lostetter here.

Jim Baen Award
Baen Android App and Baen Ebooks Mobile Site Now Available

Baen goes mobile! Baen Ebooks, the legendary Baen Bar, Baen podcasts, news, a dedicated e-reader, and loads of great Baen content are now available especially for your mobile device! Get the Baen app at Google Play here. And point your mobile device bowser to the Baen Ebooks mobile site here.

The Honor Harrington Comic is Now Available!

David Weber’s best-selling Honor Harrington can now be found in a gaming app for Apple and Android devices! Find out more here.

And don’t forget to check out the latest issue of Tales of Honor, a five-part comic based on Weber’s On Basilisk Station. Click here to download a free preview of the first issue, purchase issues #1 and #2, and watch a video on the adaption process.


September Baen Ebook Releases

The Savior
Tony Daniel
David Drake

It is up to Abel Dashian—with help from the spirit of Raj Whitehall and a powerful computer known as Center—to stop the tide of barbarians from destroying his people. Abel is a heretic, but now he must become—THE SAVIOR.

Wood Sprites
Wen Spencer

As war breaks out on Elfhome and riots rock New York City, twin geniuses Louise and Jillian Mayer must use science and magic to save their baby brother and sisters.

Fortunes of Imperium
Jody Lynn Nye

The dapper Lord Thomas Kinago finds himself in danger when he investigates a smuggling ring that is quite determined to “cancel” him before he puts a stop to their illegal contraband trade.

Dinosaurs and a Dirigible
David Drake

Time travel and lost worlds in these stories from best-selling master of science fiction David Drake.

David Weber

The hottest military science fiction series of all time continues with stories from Jane Lindskold, Timothy Zahn, and other great writers. Plus, an all-new David-Weber-authored novella featuring Honor Harrington.

Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance
Lois McMaster Bujold

When Captain Ivan encounters a damsel fleeing the violent overthrow of her home planet, it’s soon evident that his carefree days are over. For Ivan must make the ultimate sacrifice: his hard-won freedom from the politics of empire.

Genus Homo
L. Sprague de Camp
P. Schuyler Miller

Twenty-five men and women against a world of evolution gone mad! Here is the vivid story of their adventures and terrors. The monster in the forest, the city of giant beavers—and the secret of the incredible race that had supplanted mankind.

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*This Baen Ebooks subscription bundle will dissolve on August 15, 2014. After that date, these books will be available for individual sale only.*

Walter John Williams

Walter Jon Williams

Anthony finds it easier to talk to whales and to aliens than to members of his own species. That is until a stranger named Philana enters his life, with a terrifying problem of her own that dares him to break through the surface of his world.

Walter Jon Williams

When a highly evolved humanity finds itself at war with the alien Shars, Ambassador Drill, the product of eight million years of evolution, is sent to make peace... but does he retain enough of his humanity to recognize that of his enemies?

Wordfire Press

Jay Lake
Ken Scholes

In a future Pacific Northwest, a legendary security specialist, a dying billionaire, a disgraced cop, and a keen-eyed nonprofit accountant work together to prevent what looks like the end of the world.

Second Paradigm

Peter J. Wacks

The inventor of time travel is caught in a terrible paradox and must journey forward and backward in time to solve his own murder…before reality unravels!

The Golden Queen

David Farland

A rollicking space opera adventure by New York Times bestselling author David Farland. Young Gallen O’Day, his girlfriend Maggie, and a bioengineered talking bear named Orick find themselves entangled in an interstellar war none of them even knew about, against the alien dronons.

Beyond the Gate

David Farland

Book 2 in the Golden Queen trilogy. Hunted down by the alien dronons, Gallen O’Day can no longer hide on his home world. He has to escape through the ancient world gates, where he is plunged into more interstellar adventures.

Lords of the Seventh Swarm

David Farland

Book 3 in the Golden Queen trilogy. Fleeing through the world gates to escape the vengeance of the alien dronons, Gallen O’Day, Maggie, and the bioengineered bear Orick have run out of options, stranded on a planet called Ruin. And what they find there might be even worse than the dronon swarms.

Timeweb Chronicles

Brian Herbert

The epic space opera by New York Times bestselling author Brian Herbert (Mentats of Dune). Contains all three novels—Timeweb, The Web and the Stars, and Webdancers—in a single volume.

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