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In this issue: a deadly secret, a young hero’s destiny, and a path back to outer space. All that plus new short fiction from William Ledbetter!
   April 2016

Wulf’s Saga Begins

For generations the great land-dragon has called to the rulers of Shenandoah. But now the dragon calls to sixteen-year-old Wulfgang von Dustig, third in line to the throne. After a devastating invasion, Wulf must rally the human and not-so-human inhabitants of Shenandoah and free his family and his land from an ancient, vampiric evil. To do so, he’ll have to grow up. He’ll have to fight for what is right. He’ll have to wield . . . The Dragon Hammer.

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book cover

book cover The New Golden Age has Arrived

Selected from the premier print and online markets in the field, here are stories to challenge, provoke, thrill, and entertain. Stories of future military men and women, space opera on a grand scale, and edge-of-your-seat adventure science fiction in the grand pulp tradition. Includes stories by David Drake, Joe R. Lansdale, Sarah Pinsker, David Brin, and many more. Plus an all-new introduction by David Weber!

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A Deadly Secret

Clan Korval needs to reestablish itself as one of the top trading clans in known space. But that’s not their only problem. Onboard the Korval ship Dutiful Passage is Padi yos'Galan, the master trader’s heir, and she’s keeping a secret that threatens her very existence. A new entry in the best-selling Liaden Universe® series from Sharon Lee and Steve Miller.

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New Fiction and Nonfiction at

story graphic Music of Space

The Moonlets were strange, rocklike formations that floated around a gas giant in the Cancri system. They emitted hypnotic radio signals some referred to as “symphonies.” But were the Moonlets a natural phenomenon or something more? Kofi Patterson owns the mining rights to the Cancri system, and he's determined to make a profit. But the A.I. embedded in his skull is just as determined to study the Moonlets—and protect them at all costs. An original story by science fiction writer and Jim Baen Memorial Award Administrator William Ledbetter.

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Destination: Moon? Mars? Asteroids?

It’s been decades since a human has made it farther into space than Low Earth Orbit—with good reason. The logistics and politics of moving out into space are complicated and dangerous. But engineering troubles and political maneuvering aside, there is one thing keeping humanity from venturing beyond our home world: indecision. Specifically, where do we go? In this month’s nonfiction essay, space scientist Les Johnson lays out the possibilities and argues that it’s time for those in favor of manned space exploration to get on the same page.

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Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin discuss Silence, their new entry in the SERRAted Edge contemporary fantasy series. Also coming up, Eric Flint and other contributors talk about the Ring of Fire IV alternate history anthology out in May. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

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Baen Ebook Releases

Alliance of Equals - HALF
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

Clan Korval needs to reestablish itself as one of the top trading clans in known space. But that’s not their only problem. Onboard the Korval ship Dutiful Passage is Padi yos'Galan, the master trader’s heir, and she’s keeping a secret that threatens her very existence.

Flag in Exile
David Weber

Hounded into retirement and disgrace by political enemies, Captain Honor Harrington has retreated to the planet Grayson. But the People's Republic of Haven is rising from defeat to threaten Grayson anew, and the newborn Grayson Navy needs her experience desperately. It's a call Honor cannot refuse.

The Dragon Hammer - HALF
Tony Daniel

For generations the great land-dragon has called to the rulers of Shenandoah. But now the dragon calls to sixteen-year-old Wulfgang von Dustig, third in line to the throne. Now, Wulf must free his family and his land from an ancient, vampiric evil. To do so, he’ll have to wield . . . The Dragon Hammer.

Best of Bova, Volume II
Ben Bova

Spanning more than five decades of a legendary career, here are tales of star-faring adventure, peril, and drama. Here are journeys into the mind-bending landscapes of virtual worlds and alternate realities. Here are stories of humanity's astounding future on Earth, on Mars, in the Solar System—and beyond.

Cobra War Trilogy
Timothy Zahn

All three novels of the Cobra War Together for the first time. Cobra warriors: technologically enhanced and implanted with an arsenal of covert weaponry to fight against alien foes and evil humans. Includes: Cobra AllianceCobra Guardian, and Cobra Gamble.

A Call to Duty

David Weber & Timothy Zahn

Travis Long picked a tough time to join the Royal Manticoran Navy. A deadly plague has laid low the Star Kingdom. With all resources in doubt, the RMN itself is on the brink of extinction. But there is still threat without, and Travis is about to discover that it's in the worst of times that heroes are born!

A Long Time Until Now

Michael Z. Williamson

Ten soldiers on convoy in Afghanistan suddenly find themselves living in Earth’s Paleolithic Asia. Soon they discover groups of the similarly displaced: Imperial Romans, Neolithic Europeans, and a small cadre of East Indian peasants. Now they must find a way to survive together in a hostile world. But one question remains: How to get back home.

Freedom Flight
Mercedes Lackey & Ellen Guon

They were as disreputable a gang of misfits as ever flew between the stars. But together they would free a world! Set in the world of the Wing Commander computer game universe.

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Read with Max: Dogs Move Too
Anthony M. T. Majewski
Narrated by Benjamin R. Parks

Labrador Retriever Max has just learned that his family will be moving. Listen as he shares his adventures with moving to a new home, and dance and sing along with his “Sing with Max” album of children’s songs. A portion of the proceeds from each purchase is donated to children’s as well animal related charities that help those with disabilities.


Charles R. Saunders

Matile Mala, once the most powerful empire in the black continent of Abengoni, is slipping into decadence and becoming more and more vulnerable. When ancient enemies from without attack, Tiyana, who is both princess and priestess, must defend the empire and anticipate which way the scales of fortune will tip.

Dark Universe
ed. by Milton J. Davis & Gene Peterson

The Dark Universe Anthology tells the origin story of the Cassad Empire, from its ambitious beginning as a refuge and new home for a persecuted people to its evolution to the first great human Galactic Empire.

From Here to Timbuktu
Milton J. Davis

The year is 1870. In the young country of Freedonia, a bounty is hired to find a valuable book. In the kingdom of Mali, a veteran warrior has been assigned to find that same book and bring it back to its rightful owner. And in the newly formed nation of Germany, an ambitious Prussian officer seeks the book for its secrets that could make Germany the most powerful nation in the world. The result is an action adventure like no other!

The City
ed. by Milton J. Davis

The City. No one knows how it began or when it will end. No one has left in 20 centuries. No one knows how its 20 million inhabitants came to be there, 1500 different species all crammed together. These are their stories.

JABberwocky Literary Agency

The Obsidian and Blood Trilogy by British Science Fiction Award winning author Aliette de Bodard

Servant of the Underworld
Tenochtitlan the capital of the Aztecs. A priestess disappears from an empty room drenched in blood. It should be a usual investigation for Acatl, High Priest of the Dead, but the more he digs, the deeper he is drawn into the political and magical intrigues of noblemen, soldiers, priests—and the gods themselves.

Harbinger of the Storm
The emperor of the Mexica has just died. The council should convene to choose a new emperor, but they are too busy plotting against each other. And then someone starts summoning star-demons within the palace, to kill councilmen. Acatl, High Priest of the Dead, must find the culprit before everything is torn apart.

Master of the House of Darts
The Mexica Empire now has a new emperor, but his coronation war has just ended in a failure: the armies have returned with too few prisoners for sacrifice to the gods. Acatl, High Priest for the Dead, has no desire to involve himself yet again in the intrigues of the powerful. But when one of the prisoners dies of a magical illness, he has little choice but to investigate.

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Fairwood Press

The Specific Gravity of Grief
Jay Lake

After being diagnosed with cancer in 2008, the late Jay lake set out on a quest to demystify cancer, writing extensively about it. In this novelette, he weaves a story that, though fictional, parallels his own battle. Fifty percent of proceeds will be donated to the Clayton Memorial Medial Fund.

Wordfire Press

Kevin J. Anderson, Janet Berliner, Matthew J. Costello & F. Paul Wilson

A pulse-pounding high-tech adventure featuring the Daredevils’ Club, risk takers scouring the Earth to reassemble the components of a lost alien artifact.

The Iron Thane
Jason Henderson

An epic fantasy sequel to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. Macbeth is dead—but now Macduff, hero of Scotland, must lead an alliance of legends against a deadlier foe: the soul-stealing Prince of Dark Elves.

Honor and Fidelity
Andrew Keith & William H. Keith, Jr.

A military SF adventure featuring the Fifth Foreign Legion. The Sandcastle, on a water world on the fringe of Earth’s expanding empire, was an easy assignment on a peaceful alien world—until the natives attacked!

Night Terrors

J.A. Pitts

An action-packed urban fantasy featuring Sarah Beauhall, blacksmith and dragonslayer in modern-day Seattle. Sarah’s beloved partner Katie pays the cost of magic as her spirit is blasted from her body. As Katie lies in a coma, Sarah must battle supernatural enemies to save her soul.

The Feather and the Moon Well

Shean Pao

The first “David Farland Discovery,” a notable first novel chosen by New York Times best-selling author David Farland. Legend tells of a sorceress, the Willow Woman, living within a white tower outside of the great city of Ethcabar, who owns a vast hoard of strange and curious items. If you bring her something precious to add to her Collection, she may grant your wish . . . or curse you.

Rescue from Planet Pleasure (Expanded Edition)

Mario Acevedo

The newest installment in the popular edgy series featuring vampire detective Felix Gomez. Planet Pleasure. The one place in the galaxy you seriously want to avoid, but it’s the next stop for Felix Gomez, who must rescue the bodacious vampiress, the hyper-sexual Carmen Arellano, from the clutches of ruthless warrior aliens. Includes a new original short story. **Explicit content.**

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