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In this issue: a young girl and an unlikely ally on a mission, modern soldiers kick some Paleolithic derriere, and a threat to a crown prince goes awry! All that plus the first entry in a new fantasy series from Larry Correia.
   April 2015

book cover Rebellion, War, Honor . . . and the Fate of a World!

France, alternate 1636: After twenty years of waiting, an heir to the throne is about to be born. But there are those with eyes on the crown who would see the young prince’s life cut off before it begins. Forced into seclusion to guard the life of her unborn son, Queen Anne is beset by danger on all sides. And when the Crown’s opponents make their move, factions within France must choose sides to help determine the fate of the Kingdom.

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God Save the Queen—from Richelieu!

Soon he may find himself on the wrong side of the Law he has killed to uphold. Now rebellion, war, and destruction rage across the land, and Ashok Vadal has been chosen by a powerful ancient weapon to be its bearer. Is he pawn or master of his destiny? The answer to that question will determine the fate of a warrior—but also the fate of a world! The first entry in the new Saga of the Forgotten Warrior from Larry Correia.

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book cover
New Fiction and Nonfiction at

story graphic Fear the Toad!

When her mother is kidnapped by a group of Toads, fourteen-year-old Lalira Revyne must overcome her fears and journey forth to bring her back. But Lalira can’t do it alone. To rescue her mother she’ll have to find help in the most unlikely of places. New fiction set in the Balanced Sword/Phoenix Rising series from Ryk E. Spoor.

Read “The Adventurer and the Toad” here.

Modern Soldiers and Marines Cast into the Paleolithic!

Michael Z. Williamson’s newest novel, A Long Time Until Now finds a group of modern day soldiers tossed back in time to the Paleolithic era. Which posed some challenges in the writing of the book: What was Paleolithic Central Asia like? What food was available? What kinds of shelters could be built to stave off predators and bad weather? Michael Z. Williamson set out to find out the answer to these and other questions. Here he relates the answers—those he learned from research, those he discovered through experimentation, and those he had no choice but to make up out of his imagination. Find out for yourself and gain insight into life some 15,000 years ago, and into the process one author took to deliver a rip-roaring good SF tale.

Read “The Distant Past: A Setting for Science Fiction” here.

story graphic
Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Eric Flint, Mercedes Lackey, Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett on book two of their alternate history where intelligent cats and dinosaurs fight for dominance, By Tooth and Claw; Michael Z. William on time travel novel A Long Time Until Now; contributors to Grantville Gazette VII talk all things Ring of Fire. Plus: legendary filk musicians! Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

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June Baen Ebook Releases

1636: The Cardinal Virtues
Eric Flint & Walter H. Hunt

France, alternate 1636: After twenty years of waiting, an heir to the throne is about to be born. But there are those with eyes on the crown who would see the young prince’s life cut off before it begins.

Chicks and Balances
ed. by Esther Friesner & John Helfers

The chicks in chainmail are back, and they will not be oppressed, repressed, or depressed! All new adventures of fearless women warriors by Eric Flint, Harry Turtledove, Jody Lynn Nye, Wen Spencer, and many more, including the inimitable Esther Friesner herself!

Hell’s Gate
David Weber & Linda Evans

Through the portal lie other worlds—a multitude of universes, each with its own riches. But so far, no intelligent life has been found. Until now. For it seems there is intelligent life—human life—with terrifying new weapons and powers of the mind.

Prisoners of Tomorrow
James P. Hogan

The future isn’t always bright. Forces at home and abroad conspire to constrain freedom and liberty. Fortunately, there are those willing to fight back. Includes Endgame Enigma and the Prometheus Award winning Voyage from Yesteryear.

Islands of Rage and Hope
John Ringo

With the mainland overrun with zombies, what was once a band of desperate survivors bobbing on a dark Atlantic ocean has now become Wolf Squadron, humanity's last hope for salvation.

The Rods and the Axe
Tom Kratman

Carrera has driven the Tauran Union from his adopted country. But that’s not enough. To finish his enemies once and for all, he needs to draw them back for a final, crushing defeat.

Operation Damocles
Oscar L. Fellows

A secret military mission to kill a super-weapon, and the battle for domination of the planet Earth. Political corruption, conspiracy, treason, CIA spies and an obsessed patriot determined to cure the world or kill it, they are all here. And it may surprise you, which side you're on...

The Gentle Seduction
Mark Stiegler

Short stories and an essay by science fiction writer and software developer Marc Stiegler, including the powerful and prescient title story about humanity facing the Singularity.

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Event Horizon Press

Lord of Cragsclaw
Bill Fawcett & Neil Randall

For years the land of Ar has lived at peace. Here the catlike mrem rule by duty and honor. Now, from out of the east, their legendary enemies have risen again, sweeping toward Ar to begin their conquest anew.

Keeper of the City
Peter Morwood & Diane Duane

Under the careful guidance of the catlike mrem, the City of Niau has grown into a prosperous trading center. It lies, however, far to the east—on the very edge of the kingdom of Ar—ever vulnerable to invasion by the mrem's legendary enemies, the Eastern Lords.

Wizard of Tizare
Matthew J. Costello

When the young herdsman Falon sets out on a mysterious mission to the border city of Tizare, accompanied by a would-be wizard and half-wild child, their quest will become all that stands between the kingdom of Ar and an eternal nightmare of tyranny.

Defenders of Ar
Jack Lovejoy

Legends surround the Eastern Lords and their servants, the liskash—lizard warriors—but few have ever seen them. But now the Eastern Lords have waged a devestating assault against the people of Ar, a group of powerful Mrem wizards must fight with their every resource to protect their vulnerable world.

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Wordfire Press

The Cadet
Doug Beason

First volume in a multigenerational epic about the United States Air Force Academy, ranging from the aftermath of World War II, to the jungles of Vietnam, to the deserts of the Middle East, written by retired USAF Colonel, PhD physicist, and Nebula-award nominee.

Advanced Mythology
Jody Lynn Nye

Fourth volume in New York Times best selling author’s rollicking fantasy adventure series. Keith Doyle has made it to graduate school. In between classes and hanging out with his magical friends, the Little Folk, he gets caught up in an evil scheme to reveal the existence of elves to the world.

D.J. Butler

A dystopian adventure of a special young woman coming of age in a world trying to rebuild from the apocalypse. Dark science fiction set in the crumbling ruins and blasted deserts of a future where all people are not created equal . . . and where control is exerted by savage rituals of blood.

Echoes of a Shattered Age
R.J. Terrell

In a future world, the gun has fallen and the sword has arisen. An ancient evil bridges the earth plane and the abyss, bringing a massive horde of the most feared monsters in all the five hells. Through light and darkness, destruction and chaos, the Children of the Gene battle towering demons to defend their world against everlasting darkness.

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