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In this issue: Paths to the stars, roads of danger—and a new fantasy short story from master of world-building, Dave Freer!
   March 2012

1636: The Kremlin Games An Emissary to Darkest Russia

While out-of-time modern town Grantville has bounced back from temporal dislocation, some of its citizens haven’t coped so well to life in 17th century Europe–people like Bernie Zeppi, courageous in battle, but a bit of a loser in life. Bernie’s fate changes then a Russian emissary hires him to bring the future to a Russia mired in serfdom and on the verge of war.

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No Going Back Jon and Lobo are Back

When nano-enhanced mercenary problem solver Jon Moore meets a dangerous woman from his distant past and undertakes a high-risk mission, Lobo fears this mission will be their last. The job is illegal. The target is one of the most powerful men alive. A team of seasoned mercenaries is tracking them. And Jon is falling in love.

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Going Interstellar Reach for the Stars

A gathering of tales by an all-star assortment of award winning authors together with insightful essays on high technology by space scientists and engineers. Authors include Ben Bova, Jack McDevitt, Charles E. Gannon, Michael Bishop, Sarah Hoyt and more—all taking on new methods of star travel using the technology we have today. Helmed by NASA scientist Les Johnson and Nebula winner Jack McDevitt.

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A Dog with a Magical Destiny

An original story set within Dave Freer’s intricate and adventure-filled magical world of Dragon’s Ring and new entry in the series, Dog and Dragon. No matter what multiverse dimension one happens through, cats and dogs never truly get along. But when a very special, intelligent sheepdog travels in search of his lost mistress, the cats had better get out of the way no matter how big they are. Because there’s one quality that makes every dog, even magically transformed dogs, a true canine. Loyalty.

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David Drake on the Birth of the RCN Series

A behind-the-scenes look at the genesis of the David Drake’s hugely popular RCN saga with insights into the characters—and into the amazing true life personalities and circumstances in Drake’s life that led to the creation of the hit series, including new entry The Road of Danger.

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Roads to the RCN Series

Kremlin Games
1636: The Kremlin Games Teacher and Student Guide Debuts

We proudly present another in our line of Teacher and Student Guides for Baen books that might be suitable for school assignment. And these guides provide plenty of entertaining and thoughtful background material for the general reader, as well. Here’s a guide for Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, and Paula Goodlett’s excellent new entry in Flint’s Ring of Fire series, 1636: The Kremlin Games.

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Baen Books Teacher’s Guides are developed by teachers and education experts for use by teachers in the classroom.

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June Baen Ebook Releases

1636: The Kremlin Games
Eric Flint - HALF

Up-timer Bernie Zeppi, courageous in battle but a loser in life, gets a second chance when a Russian emissary hires him to bring the future to a 17th century Russia mired in serfdom and on the verge of war.

The Monster Hunters
Larry Correia - HALF

It turns out that monsters are real. On the other side are the people who kill monsters. Monster Hunter International is the premier eradication company in that business. And Owen Z. Pitt is their newest recruit. Bestsellers Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta, and Monster Hunter Alpha in one master volume.

Hank Reinhardt's Book of Knives
Hank Reinhardt - FORTHCOMING

An encyclopedia of knives and a manual of contemporary knife fighting combined, this illustrated compendium creates a new standard as a cutting edge source on short blades and bladework. Compiled by long-time Blade columnist, Hank Reinhardt, this is a masterwork by an acknowledged master.

Eric Flint and Ryk E. Spoor

When the strange fossil she discovered gave her a trip to Mars, Helen Sutter thought she'd gone about as far as any paleontologist would ever go in her lifetime. But soon Helen’s discoveries will lead her to the asteroid belt and beyond. Exciting sequel to Boundary.
Going Interstellar
Les Johnson and Jack McDevitt - HALF

A gathering of tales by an all-star assortment of award-winning authors together with insightful essays on high technology by space scientists and engineers—all turning on interstellar travel using the technology we have, or can rapidly develop, right now.
Flandry's Legacy
Poul Anderson

In the twilight of the Terran Empire, one secret agent saves the crooked regime he serves. Flandry—now an admiral, but still in top form—thwarts a would-be imperial dictator and exposes a dangerous alien conspiracy. Includes complete Flandry novels A Stone of Heaven and The Game of Empire.
Joel Rosenberg - HALF

A young member of a star-faring mercenary clan must overcome his near-disastrous fear and doubt, and fight through to find his destiny as a warrior.
March 2012 Night Shade Bundle

Jane Carver of Waar
Nathan Long

A hard-ridin', hard-lovin' biker chick and ex-Airborne Ranger, Jane is as surprised as anyone else when, on the run from the law, she ducks into the wrong cave at the wrong time–and wakes up butt-naked on an exotic alien planet light-years away from everything she's ever known.

The Pillars of Hercules
David Constantine

Alexander the Great is the terror of the world, aided in his conquest by the war-machines based on the forbidden knowledge of his former tutor, the scientist-mage known as Aristotle. Now an unlikely band of fugitives–including a Gaulish barbarian, a cynical Greek archer, and a sorcerer's daughter–must find an artifact from Atlantis before Alexander unleashes forces that will shatter civilization.

The Best Science Fiction and Fantasy of the Year Volume VI
edited by Jonathan Strahan

An ancient society of cartographer wasps create delicately inscribed maps; a bodyjacking parasite is faced with imminent extinction; an AI makes a desperate gambit to protect its child from a ravenous dragon— the only major “best of” anthology to collect both fantasy and science fiction under one cover.

And Blue Skies from Pain
Stina Leicht

1977: The punk rock movement is a year old and the brutal thirty-year war referred to as The Troubles is escalating. Liam Kelly is caught between many worlds. A former wheelman for the Provisional IRA, Liam is half mortal, half Fíanna. Now Liam must dodge both the Royal Ulster Constabulary, the Provisional IRA, and a group of fey who merely want this halfbreed dead on principle. Sequel to groundbreaking Of Blood and Honey.

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