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In this issue: Not-so-safe space, a mother’s vengeance, a clash with the gods, and an intergalactic phone call. All that, plus new fiction from D. J. Butler and Ryk E. Spoor.
   February 2017

book cover Safe Space Just Got Dangerous

Luck runs rough around Theo Waitley. After narrowly escaping those who would see her dead, her crew arrested, and her self-aware ship Bechimo captured, Theo and her crew find themselves in need of some much deserved rest. Fortunately, Bechimo knows just the place where they can lay low and enjoy some R&R, an area known as “safe space.” But safe space may not be so safe. It seems things are leaking through from another universe, including a battleship fleeing a long-lost war in dire need of help. Now, Theo has a choice to make. It seems that safe space is about to become deadly perilous.

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A Clash with the Gods Themselves.

For eons the ancient race known as the Old Ones has been thought dead. But when a holy site on an alien planet is found destroyed the method of destruction points directly to the Old Ones. Meanwhile, in another section of the galaxy, humankind’s most brilliant savant and his bodyguard go in search of the secret to the Old Ones’ technology—technology that may be indistinguishable from magic. Now human adventures and an alien shaman are on a collision course with the truth; despite their many differences, only if they unite their forces do they stand any chance of surviving the coming encounter with—THE GODS OF SAGITTARIUS.

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book cover

book cover The Darkship Series Returns!

The genetically engineered Mules left Earth in disgrace, fleeing for their lives after worldwide revolution against their dictatorial rule. Now, generations have passed and the Mules have returned for their vengeance. It’s up to former darkship thief Athena Sinistra to find a way to stop them. It’s not like it’s the first time Athena has fought her way to victory, but this time is different. This time she’ll have to do it while taking care of her newborn child. Athena must risk herself, her husband, and her child to prevent the extinction of humankind. It might seem as though all is lost, but the Mules are be about to find out that true revenge is one angry mother.

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story graphic The Fate of Britain in the Balance

The Necromancer Oliver Cromwell and his dark troops—human and magical—are on the march. The fate of England hangs in the balance. General John Churchill and his wizard, the alchemist Sir Isaac Newton, plan their defense. What they don’t know is that Cromwell has stolen vital information that could determine the tide of battle. A local priest, Father Grant, alone holds the key to victory. But saving England may mean the loss of his soul. An all-new short story by D. J. Butler, set in the world of Witchy Eye.

Read “Dei Britannici” by D. J. Butler here.

Life and Death Inside (and Outside) the Arena

In the vast alien otherspace known as the Arena, a species’ worthiness to be called a “Faction” is determined through intricate, sometimes deadly, Challenges. The Genasi have just been deemed worthy of this honor. Now, Saul Maginot of humanity’s Faction has been tasked with escorting a Genasi dignitary to Earth. But Saul’s got other things on his mind, specifically a rogue Hyperion AI with malicious intent. He’ll have to watch his back—and get some help from a very unlikely source—if he’s going to make it back to the Arena in one piece. A story of the Arenaverse by Ryk E. Spoor.

Read “Preparations and Alliances” by Ryk E. Spoor here. And check out the latest entry in the Arenaverse series, Challenges of the Deeps, here.

story graphic

story graphic Anyone out There???

Humankind has long pondered the question, Are we alone in the Universe? But some folks have done more than ponder—they’ve gone looking for extraterrestrial life. Projects like SETI have been listening to the skies for our intergalactic neighbors, and some groups have tried placing “calls” to any life that may be out there. So why haven’t we heard anything? Are we truly alone? In this month’s nonfiction article, space scientist Les Johnson explores the history—and the future—of trying to get in touch with alien life.

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Don’t Touch that Dial: It’s the Baen Free Radio Hour

Coming soon to the Baen Free Radio Hour: Wen Spencer talks about her new contemporary fantasy, The Black Wolves of Boston. And Charles E. Gannon discusses Caine’s Mutiny, the latest entry in his Caine Riordan science fiction adventure series. Missed past episodes? No problem. We’ve got every episode archived for your listening pleasure.

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Baen Ebook Releases

The Gathering Edge - HALF
Sharon Lee & Steve Miller

A rip in the fabric of space and time causes a battleship fleeing a long-lost war to materialize in an area known as “safe space.” But with a hostile enemy hot on its tail, safe space won’t be safe for much longer. Theo Waitley must take sides in a war, the consequences of which she can scarcely imagine.

Darkship Revenge - HALF
Sarah A. Hoyt

The bioengineered Mules are back and they’re out for revenge. Athena Sinistra has faced down enemies before and emerged victorious. But this time is different. Now, she’ll have to prevent the extinction of the human race—and care for her newborn child at the same time.

The Gods of Sagittarius
Eric Flint & Mike Resnick

The aliens known as the Old Ones have been thought dead for eons. A recent attack on an alien holy site calls that into question. Now, a pair of human adventurers and an alien shaman are on a collision course with The Gods of Sagittarius.

Steve White & Charles E. Gannon

The war with the profoundly alien Arduans is over. But all is not as it seems—and now two heroes of the war suspect they have stumbled upon an Arduan plot: one which could shatter interstellar civilization itself.

Shadow’s Blade
David B. Coe

As a weremyst, Justis Fearsson is on the front lines of a magical war. As a private investigator, he’s been hired to find a missing woman and her two children. Soon his two worlds will collide, and reality itself hangs in the balance.

Eric James Stone

In the near future, a fluke of quantum mechanics renders CIA agent Nat Morgan utterly forgettable. Now, Nat must team up with an enemy agent and a brilliant physicist to stop a ruthless billionaire from finishing a quantum supercomputer that will literally control the fate of the world.

The Chaos Gate - HALF
Josepha Sherman

The Dark Elf Naitachal is now happy in the more peaceful role of Bard. But shadows from his past linger. Naitachal's Dark Elf clan sees him as the worst of traitors. They mean to take revenge. Can even the powers of Bardic Magic be enough to vanquish the Darkness?

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Wordfire Press

Phule’s Paradise
Robert Asprin

The second hilarious adventure of Asprin’s bestselling military SF spoof. Willard Phule and his misfits are assigned to take over the Fat Chance Casino in order to protect it from planetary gangsters. But who will save the Casino from them?

Blood of Akhilles
R.M. Meluch

A novel of Alexander the Great. As his father Philip lies dead, his 20-year-old son Alexander must seize the throne and hold it against all rivals. The epic story of how one of the world’s greatest leaders comes to power.

An Enemy Reborn
Mike Stackpole & William F. Wu

Locke became a Chaos Rider to find his lost father, and now he must become the very hero he has been seeking. His only hope to defeat the new Darkness is to forge an unlikely alliance of Empire and Chaos forces.  Grand epic fantasy, sequel to A Hero Born.

Prospero in Hell
L. Jagi Lamplighter

An action-packed urban fantasy featuring the heroes from Shakespeare’s The Tempest. After living for five centuries, Miranda has formed Prospero, Inc. to protect an unknowing world from disasters both natural and man-made. Now she must regather her scattered family to find their powerful, but missing, father Prospero…who has been imprisoned in Hell. 

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