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In this issue: Grantville adventures, Cobra wars–and a Best Near-Future Baddies Poll!
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New Grantville Tales

The time-tossed West Virginia town that put paid to medieval skullduggery and won a place in war-torn 17th century Europe is back with a new slate of tales. New York Times best seller Eric Flint edits another intricate, rollicking collection of Grantville stories!

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Cobras Strike Back

Cobra warriors, technologically enhanced with an arsenal of covert weaponry, are humanity’s most dangerous guerilla fighters. Now with the invasion by implacable aliens underway, a young Cobra warrior must overcome prejudice and meet the challenge once again. New York Times best seller Timothy Zahn delivers a new entry in the Cobra War saga.

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January Contest

Pick Your Enemies

To celebrate the release of Robert A. Heinlein’s Sixth Column with an all-new introduction by Tom Kratman, creator of the Carerra series and more, we’re conducting a poll and a special giveaway.

So you tell us, who would make the best baddies for the next near-future SF novel? Islamo-fascists? The Resurgent Bear? The Creeping Threat from the North?

Winner receives a complete set of Heinlein ebooks plus a brand new edition of Sixth Column signed by Tom Kratman.

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Free Ebooks
Populate Your New Ereader with the Baen Free Library

If you happened to have come into a new eReader over the holidays, don’t forget that Baen offers an extensive collection of books absolutely free at the Baen Free Library –and we’re always adding new titles. David Weber, Eric Flint, David Drake and many others –we’ve got them available in all formats, with no security or DRM attached.

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January Books

Grantville Gazette VI
Edited by Eric Flint

The time-tossed West Virginia town that put paid to medieval skullduggery and won a place in war-torn 17th century Europe is back in this series of tales.

Cobra Gamble
Timothy Zahn

A technologically enhanced warrior must overcome generations of prejudice and meet the challenge of an alien invasion of human space.
Sixth Column
Robert A. Heinlein

After the U.S. is conquered, an enclave of brilliant misfits leads a rebellion against a totalitarian regime. With an afterword by Carerra series creator, Tom Kratman.
Voyage Across the Stars
David Drake

Two incandescent novels of traveling heroes set in David Drake's best-selling Hammer's Slammers universe together in one volume. Cross the Stars, with a Odyssean Captain Don Slade on an epic journey to his home planet, and Voyage, where young Nick Slade seeks an alien artifact that could revolutionize star travel.

Invasion: Book One of the Secret World Chronicle
Mercedes Lackey, Steve Libby, Cody Martin, and Dennis Lee

Superheroic meta-humans faces a conspiracy of evil set to unleash a Nazi superscience menace from a dark dimension. The thrilling debut of a shared-world mega-series, The Secret World Chronicle.

Back to the Moon
Travis S. Taylor and Les Johnson

With governments and private efforts in contention to return to the Moon, the astronauts involved must find a way to work together when crisis strikes.
Golden Reflections
Fred Saberhagen

A classic novel of adventure in an alternate world of the Inca and beyond by an SF master—plus stories set in the same universe by David Weber, Harry Turtledove, Walter John Williams, Jane Lindskold, John Maddox Roberts and more top writers.
Coming in February

World Divided: Book Two of the Secret World Chronicle
Mercedes Lackey with Cody Martin, Dennis Lee and Veronica Giguere

Meta-humans return to root out the Thulian conspiracy in World Divided: Book Two of the Secret World Chronicle.
Meet Baen Authors
Author Date
Tony Daniel
Jim Minz

January 13-15
Raleigh, NC

S.M. Stirling
Steve White

January 14-15
Williamsburg, VA

Mark Van Name
Robert Buettner
Sharon Lee
Steve Miller
Toni Weisskopf

January 20-22
Chattanooga, TN

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Don't forget to check out the newest Ebook releases, and free fiction: Timothy Zahn’s riveting new Cobra short story. Plus, free non-fiction: Life scientist John Lambshead (coauthor, with David Drake, of Into the Hinterlands) examines the Fermi paradox from a biologist’s perspective. Find it here.

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