Some of the books in the Library consist of novels which belong to a series. As a rule, we put up the first one or two books in a series here, which is enough to allow people to decide if they want to buy the ensuing sequels. Several people have sent letters asking me to post a list of the various titles in the different series which appear in the Library. Here it is, in alphabetical order by author's last name; all books are in print unless otherwise noted:

David Weber, the Honor Harrington series:
Book 1: On Basilisk Station (in the Library)
Book 2: The Honor of the Queen
Book 3: A Short Victorious War
Book 4: Field of Dishonor
Book 5: Flag in Exile
Book 6: Honor Among Enemies
Book 7: In Enemy Hands
Book 8: Echoes of Honor
Book 9: Ashes of Victory
Book 10: War of Honor
Book 11: At All Costs
Book 12: Mission of Honor
Book 13: A Rising Thunder
Book 14: Shadow of Freedom

There are also five anthologies of stories set in the Honor Harrington universe:

More Than Honor
World of Honor
Changer of Worlds (in the Library)
The Service of the Sword
In Fire Forged

David Weber, The Bahzell series:
Book 1: Oath of Swords (in the Library)
Book 2: The War God's Own