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Pamphlet SKM-GR-1517-S (Excerpted)
19 July, 1517 PD (AL 58.02.22)

Introduction To The Manticoran Settlement Program

The Star Kingdom of Manticore is a vibrant and young culture looking to provide opportunities for those core worlders (and others) with the mettle and desire to help us reach our full potential, and yours. While the bulk of the Star Kingdom’s population lives on Manticore itself, the Crown and Kingdom have need of technical specialists willing to relocate to either of our two inhabited worlds.

The Star Kingdom’s current needs are for colonists on both Manticore and Sphinx. Immigrants of sufficient resources may wish to invest in settling on Manticore itself, but the land market value is much higher, and Crown assistance for colonization there is sufficiently different that you will need to contact the Home Office directly for more information. Please see pamphlet SKM-GR-1517-M for the requirements for Manticore.

SphinxSphinxian Planetary Conditions

To sing the paens of any world is a task requiring multiple verses of elegaics, and Sphinx, more so than most, cannot be summed up in simply a paragraph or two. Sphinx is a frontier, where we’re seeking colonists with a pioneering spirit, those whose internal mettle is matched by the majestic beauty of Sphinxian mountains, and whose long term view and resourcefulness are matched only by the majestic slow seasons of Sphinx, with rainy springs, cool summers, windy autumns and quiet winters suited to long contemplations.

Sphinx (Manticore-A IV) is larger than Manticore (Manticore-A III) and about 30 percent larger than Earth. It is also somewhat more massive and richer in metals than either planet, with a planetary gravity of 1.35 G. Colonists from lower gravity worlds will be provided with portable countergrav units free of charge, and the government will subsidize the purchase of grav plates for household use as well.

Sphinx has been extensively surveyed, both from orbit and in person with human explorers. The oldest settlement on Sphinx is just over a T-Century old, and the current population of the planet is just under two million citizens. The planet, while possessed of a very long year (5.2 T-years) has a very low axial tilt, moderating the seasonal extremes.

To residents of Old Earth, the equatorial regions of the part of Sphinx open for colonization are roughly comparable to the climate of the Carolina regions of North America, or the southeastern quarter of coastal China. As you move away from the equator, the climate cools at a lower rate than it does on Earth. In the Yatara Crossing area, the climate is roughly comparable to that of New Zealand or Oregon through Vancouver on Old Earth, though snowfalls can get substantially deeper. Climate variation as you move inward from coastal regions takes on a more continental pattern.

Immigration Policy and Incentives

When your application is approved, the Crown will match your transit costs in land grants on Sphinx or Manticore. All land grants are calculated at current market value at the time of arrival, and based on the actual transit cost incurred. The current land offerings vary in size between planets. In general, Sphinx offers far larger areas than Manticore, ranging from 100 to 800 square kilometers, depending on the location.

As an example, grants of 60 kilometer by 60 kilometer parcels (360 square kilometers total) are currently equivalent to the cost of passage from Sol. All land grants are issued by lottery and may not be perfectly square. At this time, the Crown is offering land grant lottery drawings on the continents of Haley’s Land, Thule, and southwestern portions of Justianna. New arrivals may petition for an equivalent parcel from the unassigned plots, which will be considered by the Bureau of Immigration on a case-by-case basis. As we meet our targeted levels of immigration, other land grants may open up in the future.

Additional land grants may be purchased at 50 percent of current market value for those individuals able to pay for their entire transportation costs.

Retention of the land grant requires permanent occupancy by your family for a period of not less than five Manticoran years (8.65 T-years) and certain mandatory improvements (including creating a landing pad for countergrav vehicles, required utility connections for communication and power generation systems, as well as basic habitability requirements) must be constructed at the occupant’s expense and maintained. Please see Appendix B for full details.

For investors of sufficient means, purchase of lesser patents of nobility can be arranged, along with a grant of land and the obligations and duties that pertain to a Peer of the Realm. These grants are hereditary to the designated heirs of the original patent holder, and are limited to Earl and lower. The Crown reserves the right to elevate worthy citizens to the Peerage with the consent of the House of Lords, and to elevate members of the Peerage with that same consent, based on meritorious service to the Kingdom. The Crown and the House of Lords review all applications to purchase membership into the Manticoran Peerage on a case-by-case basis, based on financial contributions, character references, and what contributions to the Kingdom can be expected.

Those individuals who otherwise meet the requirements for colonization, but lack funding, the Crown will cover the entire cost of transportation, including temporary housing for a period of one T-month while the applicant seeks employment. The Crown may also offer subsidized loans, payable at 2 percent interest on a 99 T-year issue. These loans are issued solely at the discretion of the Crown and are subject to a case-by-case analysis. There are no penalties for early repayment of the loan.

Terms and Conditions

The value of a land grant presumes that the new colonist is coming from the Sol system. Those who travel to the Star Kingdom from nearer systems may find that the relative cost of a land grant is lower, due to reduced travel expenses. In general, the closer a land grant is to an established population center, the lower its total area will be. The more extreme the climate is, the larger the land grant’s area will be. Some land grants with exploitable mineral resources may prove to be exceptions to this rule.

The broad geographical region of your land grant will be determined by the Crown, based on your declared skill sets. If there is a valid choice to be made, the Crown will present you with options. The exact location and acreage of your land grant within the defined geographical region will be determined by lottery overseen by agents of the Crown.

The Star Kingdom will apply direct subsidies (in effect paying part of the passage) as funding grants for colonists with skills on Appendix A. In particular, biologists, medics, veterinarians, computer technicians, programmers, civil engineers, planetologists, agronomists and teachers are in demand on Sphinx. The Crown prefers immigration by entire family groups, as they provide a much needed mutual support network on a new home.

Citizenship in the Star Kingdom, and the full protection under the law, is granted when the colonist gives their oath of fealty to the Crown. The franchise (the privilege of voting in elections for Parliament) is awarded for partially subsidized citizens one full Manticoran year (1.73 T-years) after arrival.

Fully subsidized citizens will receive the franchise when they have paid income taxes under their own name for five consecutive Manticoran years (8.65 T-years) or have served 2 Manticoran years in the Royal Armed Forces.

Full details and exceptions to these terms can be found in Appendix C.

Enjoy Your New Home

The Star Kingdom of Manticore welcomes you to Sphinx and looks forward to your work and contributions to the Kingdom as a whole. We sincerely wish you all the success in the worlds in your new home. Please feel free to contact the Ministry of Immigration with further inquiries about the Manticoran Settlement Program.

Applications can be filled out online, or in person at any offices of the Manticore Colony Trust.