January Time Travel Contest

Best Concealed Modern Implement for the Time Traveler to the Past

With new Jason Thanou time travel series entry Sunset of the Gods, the follow-up to imaginative and gritty time travel novel Blood of the Heroes, Jason Thanou returns to ancient Greece during the Battle of Marathon. One of the givens in the Thanou series is the “observer effect,” the property of time that makes sure that the past doesn’t change. This can lead to deadly consequences for the unwary time traveler who decides to bring a futuristic bit of technology into the past. 

Nevertheless, some concealed devices are possible to bring back—discreetly. What would be the best modern day device for a time traveler to carry back in time without standing out to the locals, and especially without triggering the dread observer effect? List your implement choice and argue for it in a paragraph or so.

Steve White and the Baen editorial staff will judge, and winner will receive signed editions of Sunset of the Gods and Blood of the Heroes, as well as a signed ARC of the next novel in the series, Pirates of the Timestream (which will be an original trade paperback in August 2013), and three free ebooks from Baenebooks.com!  Email your entry to contest@baen.com, and please put “Time Travel Contest” in the subject line. Contest ends January 25, 2013.

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