Best Interstellar Brew Contest

The onset of the holidays brings to many an otherwise razor-sharp mind dancing visions of all the holiday hooch that will soon be available to imbibe. And, since science fiction abounds in shaggy bar tales and liquor from all reaches of the multiverse (sometimes toxic to humans, true, but very colorful and festive nonetheless), we thought we'd take a poll of favorites and then host (or is that “hoist”) a mighty contest! What is your favorite interstellar brew from fiction or media?

Best Interstellar Brew free polls 

Vote in the poll, and when you are done email your name to with subject line “Interstellar Brew Contest” by December 25, 2012 and win a free signed hardcover of new Kildar series entry Tiger by the Tail by John Ringo and Ryan Sear. Winner will be determined from among all entrants by random drawing.

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