By Any Other Name


From the offbeat but razor-edged imagination of Spider Robinson: Stranded time travelers; squabbling cosmic warriors; reincarnated rockstars; blind starship pilots; monsters both human and alien; a tomorrow formed by today's trends—this Spider weaves a web of wonder.

Sound profound? Nah! Herein we've got a partially-disembodied Brooklynite looking for his, er, bottom half, a past-tense-ignoring player of a certain New York crap game from 1930 running loose in the present, a compendium of the silliest weapons history never had, and plenty more. The warped and the way-out combine in a book that by any name would be . . . really cool!

Praise for Spider Robinson:

". . . I'd nominate Spider Robinson as the new Robert Heinlein. Like Mr. Heinlein in his prime, Mr. Robinson writes in a crisp, tightly controlled prose about a future that is recognizably descended from today's world, yet provocatively altered." 
The New York Times

 "Robinson is the hottest writer to hit science fiction since [Harlan] Ellison . . . He can match the master's frenetic energy and emotional intensity, arm-break for gut-wrench." 
Los Angeles Times

 "Sheer good storytelling . . . from opening tragedy to concluding triumph . . . an imaginative and captivating story." 
Publishers Weekly

Cover art by Richard Martin
Interior art by Rocky Coffin

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

First printing, February 2001

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All stories copyright by Spider Robinson: Melancholy Elephants (c) 1984, Half An Oaf (c) 1976, Antinomy (c) 1980, Satan's Children (c) 1979, Apogee (c) 1980, No Renewal (c) 1980, Tin Ear (c), 1980, In the Olden Days (c) 1984, Silly Weapons (c) 1980, Nobody Likes to Be Lonely (c) 1980, "If This Goes On—" (c) 1991, True Minds (c) 1984, Common Sense (c) 1985, Chronic Offender (c) 1984, High Infidelity (c) 1984, Rubber Soul (c) 1984, The Crazy Years was originally published in parts in the Toronto Globe and Mail (c) 1996-2000, By Any Other Name (c) 1976.

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