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Diplomatic Act

Copyright 1998
ISBN: 0671-87788-7 (Hardcover) ORDER
Publication Date: August 1998 
ISBN: 0671-57823-5 (Paperback) ORDER
Publication Date: August 1999 

by Peter Jurasik & William H. Keith Jr.

0671-87788-7.jpg (15500 bytes)Coming to a Galaxy Near You!

Richard Faraday didn't believe in aliens, even though he played one on TV Unfortunately, the aliens believe in him . . . or rather, they believe in Harmon, the alien diplomat Faraday plays on the SF program star Peace. A war is threatening to tear the civilized galaxy apart, and only a diplomat as superb as Harmon can stop it. The problem is that the real aliens are just a little confused about the bizarre human concept known as fiction. They think Harmon is real....

Well, real or not, "Harmon" had better solve their alien problems fast or Faraday, galactic civilization, and Earth itself will be abruptly cancelled.

Copyright 1999 by Peter Jurasik & William H. Keith Jr.
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