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Bolo Rising

Copyright 1998
ISBN: 0671-57779-4
Publication December 1998

by William H. Keith

0671-57779-4.jpg (9921 bytes)THIS TIME, SPARTACUS

The enemy has struck the human colony of Cloud with merciless precision, an attack so deadly that even the world's sole Bolo, a Mark XXXIII Mod HCT named Hector, was overwhelmed. Within days, the survivors of Cloud's shattered military had been herded into slave camps, while Hector, recognized as kin by the alien machine invaders, was "repaired" his loyalties electronically suborned as he became a slave camp guard in the service of the !*!*! masters...

One human, however refuses to accept defeat. Major Jaime Graham will free his companions or die trying. All he need to do is find a way to bring Hector back to the side of humanity, stop the enemy's bombardment from orbit, and defeat an ancient, cold, and highly advanced machine intelligence utterly hostile to organic life...all without tools, without weapons, and enemies even among his fellow slaves.

It's the story of Spartacus reborn in steel and hellfire, a daring slave revolt against impossible odds. But if Jaime can win Hector over, it will be payback in storm, fire, and blood, as the masters face Bolo Hellbores in a savage...


Copyright 1998 by William H. Keith
Chapter P 1 2 3 4 5 6

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