L. Sprague deCamp
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The Complete Compleat Enchanter

with Fletcher Pratt

ISBN:0-671-69809-5, $6.99
Paperback (March 1989)

DOI:9781625793201, $6.99
eBook (February 2015)

Down in the Bottomlands

with Harry Turtledove

ISBN:0-671-57835-9, $6.99
Paperback (October 1999)

DOI:0671578359, $4.00
eBook (December 2001)

The Reluctant King

ISBN:0-671-87746-1, $6.99
Paperback (October 1996)

Lest Darkness Fall - To Bring the Light

with David Drake

ISBN:0-671-87736-4, $5.99
Paperback (August 1996)

The Undesired Princess and The Enchanted Bunny

with David Drake

ISBN:0-671-69875-3, $4.99
Paperback (June 1992)

The Enchanter Reborn

with Christopher Stasheff

ISBN:0-671-72134-8, $4.99
Paperback (September 1992)

DOI:9781625791009, $6.99
eBook (May 2013)

The Exotic Enchanter

with Christopher Stasheff

ISBN:0-671-87666-X, $5.99
Paperback (September 1992)

DOI:9781625791917, $6.99
eBook (September 2013)