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Grantville Gazette, Volume 71

Table of Contents

The Story So Far . . . by Walt Boyes
Minicon 2017 by Walt Boyes
An Iconic Mystery by Caroline Palmer
The Monster Society: From the Ashes by Eric S. Brown and A.G. Carpenter
Small is Good by Thomas K. Scot
Barbie and the Musicians of Bremen by Joy Ward
Letters From Gronow, Episode 2 by David Carrico
SMC, Part 1 by Mike Watson
Life at Sea in the Old and New Time Lines, Part 4: Lights Across the Waters by Iver Cooper
Notes from The Buffer Zone: The Analog Couch by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
This Issue's Cover — 71 by Garrett W. Vance
Time Spike: The First Calvary of the Cretaceous, Part Four: War Drums at Dawn by Garrett W. Vance
The Company Man by Edward L. Lerner
Time's Angel, Part 1 by Domenic diCiacca

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