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Grantville Gazette Volume 60

Table of Contents

A Beautiful Friendship: The Beginning by Margo Ryor
The Chosen of the Red God by Eric S. Brown and Jason Cordova
Engines of Change: More Power by Kevin H. Evans and Karen C. Evans
The Vanity Fair by Caroline Palmer
What Price for a Miracle? by Terry Howard
Painted Into a Corner, Episode One by Robert Waters and Meriah Crawford
The Red Lion Regiment, Episode Three by Bjorn Hasseler
Airship Failures, Mishaps, Accidents and Disaster: Part 1, A Historical Perspective by Iver P. Cooper
The Mysterious Mesa, Part Eight: The Promised Land by Garrett W. Vance
Notes From the Buffer Zone: The Childish Joy by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
This Issue's Cover—60 by Garrett W. Vance

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