Grantville Gazette Volume 27

CoverAnd off we go again with another issue of the Grantville Gazette! Lots of good reading, right here, right now.

 Johann Bach is back in David Carrico's "Adagio," and this time he's interested in (gasp!) a dancer.  Speaking of dancers, take a look at Iver P. Coopers "Two Left Feet" for another view of the subject.  Virginia DeMarce is back to the Lutherans with "The Truth About That Cat and Pup," which just proves that theological disagreements never quite go away.

 Jack Carroll takes us to Ireland in "A Friend in Need," an interesting trip.  Murder and mayhem abound in Kerryn Offord's "The Money Franchise."  In Grantville a shortage of a particular delicacy prompts Terry Howard's "McAdams' Blue Cheese Mine," while an, um, invented shall we say, shortage makes Ray Christiansen's "Water Conservation" a story to smile about.

Kevin and Karen Evans have brought us Part One of their new serial "No Ship for Tranquebar" and who knows where the Upwind will travel? Nonfiction is full of interest with Iver P. Cooper's fourth treatise on alchemy.  Well, okay.  Chemistry.  The Ottoman Empire has been ignoring Grantville.  What to know why?  Check out Panteleimon Roberts' "What We Have Here Is a Failure to Communicate" and find out.  And I always did wonder why there was so much talk about those stallions.  Take a read of Karen Bergstralh's "Stallions vs. Geldings as War and Riding Horses."

 Another great issue awaits you!

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This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictional, and any resemblance to real people or incidents is purely coincidental.

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